"Out to Do a Good Turn"

As part of the Opening Celebration of our National Patrol Camp that was held last December 25, was the signing of the agreement of cooperation between the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and the Scout Association of El Salvador that gave life to this Project. Present were Mr. Eugenio Chicas Martinez, Chief Justice of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and Dr. Jorge Eduardo Luna Guzmán, the President of the Scout Association of El Salvador Scouts of El Salvador. We had conducted a series of training sessions with our volunteers from the month of December, in which they had received specific training on how to lead people who were visually impaired, transporting people in wheelchairs, support for older adults with walking problems and help to locate the polling stations for those seeking the place that allowed them to vote, with the use of information Kiosks of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

This time we will be serving an average of 2,000 scouts, youth over 12 years, leaders and parents, covering 9 divisions of El Salvador, hoping to give attention to at least 45 thousand people. The logistics of elections is completely different from other elections. This time citizens will be able to cast their votes locally.

The Scouts will be present in the polling stations from the time it opens until its closing. All our young people will be supervised by leaders but they will also be participating indirectky, in the civic responsibility of choosing the President and Vice-President of the Republic of El Salvador.

For this we say "Scouts, Ready to Serve."

"Adding efforts multiplying results".


For some time you've probably heard of Messengers of Peace.

Surely you've seen around the logo of this important global programme and saw pictures on Facebook activities scouts are doing to participate. Scouts have always been messengers of peace. We have made many efforts to bring peace to those around us.

Living the Scout Law is the best ways to promote peace in the world. But living the Scout Law requires action and this is what invites you to be messengers of peace. You may Login to join to be a Messenger of Peace. Probably in your unit you are taking action to help others, and if not, it's time to get down to work and start doing something to change the world.

You can do it!

Create a project to significantly help others. It can be done individually but would be much better if you do it with other scouts. If you do not have a good idea look at what others scouts are doing as Messengers of Peace by visiting www.scout.org. There you will find all of the projects that millions of scouts worldwide share. You can share yours too so Login to join this great initiative.

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