Jamboree on the Air - Jamboree on the Internet, better known as JOTA-JOTI, is the world’s largest digital and radio Scout event. Scouts and Guides come together online and over the airwaves to promote better connections and global citizenship. Each year, millions of young people take part in exciting activities that foster intercultural communication and friendship using amateur radio and the internet.

Join JOTA-JOTI to learn a mix of traditional and 21st century skills as well as the shared values in Scouting. Open to Scouts around the world, this event has been transcending borders and countries long before the digital age.

Days of events every October
Jamborees on the Air
Jamborees on the Internet
2 million+
Scouts take part in JOTA-JOTI every year
Scouts in JOTA JOTI 2018 at Gilwell Park, UK
World Scouting - Stephen Way

Join JOTA-JOTI 2024!

Be part of the next JOTA-JOTI from 18 to 20 October 2024! Register individually or as a local Scout group. Connect with Scouts around the world and take part in fun challenges online and over the airwaves.

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Scouts in Libya joined together to take part in the Jamboree On The Internet (@Joma.Tarua.n.sasi)
World Scout Bureau
5 minutes
German Scouts sit at their computers during JOTA-JOTI 2021
World Scout Bureau
6 minutes
Scouts gather around a computer during the Jamboree On The Internet JOTA-JOTI
World Scout Bureau
4 minutes
“With the happiness of being able to camp together after a long time, this adventure of JOTA-JOTI allows us to connect with hundreds of Scouts from many other countries. We carried out many challenging activities from coding to sustainability, and explored things like artificial intelligence and communications systems. It was like experiencing a Jamboree all over again, just digitally this time!”
turkish scouts logo
Scout from the Pina Scouting Club
Izmir Turkey

History of JOTA-JOTI

As amateur radio became increasingly popular among Scouts in the first half of the 20th century, the idea of holding a Jamboree remotely was born. This led to the first Jamboree on the Air in 1958. Decades later, the rise of the internet brought about the launch of the Jamboree on the Internet in 1996. The two events have since merged into a single experience called JOTA-JOTI, a global gathering that happens every year over the third weekend of October.

Scouts of China in JOTA-JOTI
Scouts of China - World Scouting

Photos from past JOTA-JOTI events

JOTA-JOTI is a truly unique experience to learn about communications technology and connect with fellow Scouts from 172 countries and territories. Browse our photo gallery to discover more.

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