Scout Promise and Law

Scouting celebrates inclusion and is open to everyone regardless of gender, age, background, faith, or beliefs. Every Scout is unique, but they find common ground in their shared Scout values. These values are upheld in the Scout Promise and Law, which are adapted to fit the unique culture, traditions, and diversity of each National Scout Organization. All adaptions of the Scout Promise and Law by National Scout Organizations and National Scout Associations must be approved by the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

scouts making the scout sign
World Scout Bureau

Scout Promise

The Scout Promise is a personal and social commitment that a young person makes at the beginning of their Scouting journey. As every Scout around the world makes a similar promise, it promotes a sense of unity and marks the first step towards self-education and discovery of the Scout Method.

A Global Pledge

Reflecting the diversity and inclusive nature of Scouting, National Scout Organization often create own version of the Scout Promise but that can be said together and at the same time as a show of strength and unity. Here are just a few examples:

Scout Law

The Scout Law describes the values that every Scout should try to live up to in order to become an upstanding member of the Movement and their community. While the wording of the Scout Law has changed over time and among different National Scout Organizations, its key principals and objectives remain the same.


  • The Essential Characteristics of Scouting
    The Essential Characteristics of Scouting
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  • World Scout Youth Programme Policy
    World Scout Youth Programme Policy
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  • World Adults in Scouting Policy
    World Adults in Scouting Policy
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  • The Scout Method
    The Scout Method
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