Humanitarian Action

Helping people in need is a core Scout value. Scouts learn practical and soft skills that are invaluable during humanitarian crises, from setting up shelters and cooking outdoors to collaborating in teams, practicing dialogue, and more.

Scouting strengthens the resilience of communities worldwide so that they're ready when disaster strikes. You will often find Scouts on the front lines in times of crisis helping with training, logistics, first aid, search and rescue, and support for displaced people and refugees.

A young woman wears a helmet and makes the Scout symbol with her right hand and a trainer, wearing a helmet and harness, stands next to her and search and rescue equipment during a training session in the Algerian forest
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Resilient Communities and Humanitarian Response

Preparedness saves lives in natural disasters, accidents, conflicts and other unforeseen events.

Many Scouts are trained in crisis response to ensure that their National Scout Organizations are ready for emergency planning and disaster response. They help build resilience and preparedness through education, train volunteer responders and strengthen the capacities of their National Scout Organizations.

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Scouts helping refugees from Ukraine

Scouting for Refugees and Migrant Communities

All young people, including refugees, migrants and displaced people, deserve dignity and equal access to education, opportunities, and experiences that enrich their lives. Scouts are prepared to welcome newcomers into their communities and Scout Groups with compassion and understanding.

Scouts reading the SDGs

Get Active with Scouts for SDGs

#Scouts4SDGs is the world’s largest coordinated youth contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our actions are helping achieve the SDGs, including on sustainable cities and communities, no poverty, clean water and sanitation, and more by 2030.

Learn about the Global Goals and how Scouts can contribute to this worldwide mobilisation effort for sustainability and community development..

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A Scout group and tents can be seen in the background with negative Covid-19 rapid tests and sanitiser in the forefront
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Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

Scouts have been pillars of support in their communities throughout the COVID-19 health crisis. While some have delivered supplies to vulnerable people, set up hand washing stations, distributed masks and sanitisers, others have trained teachers in using digital tools for online education.

Scout Leaders have also played a vital role in the well-being of young people by running meetings and activities online when they couldn’t meet in person.

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  • Humanitarian Action Guidelines
    Humanitarian Action Guidelines
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  • Action Kit: Scouting in Humanitarian Settings
    Action Kit: Scouting in Humanitarian Settings
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  • Humanitarian standard infographic
    Humanitarian standard infographic
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