Young people must be heard and empowered to make decisions about the world they are inheriting. Their voices are key towards sustainable development in environmental action, peace, social justice, humanitarian action, gender equality, and much more.

Scouts learn leadership skills through direct action and experiences in their groups and communities. We promote youth leadership at World Scouting's international events and through delegations at major global forums.

a scout giving a session about the SDGs in a hall
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WOSM's Youth Representatives

Our Youth Representatives advocate on behalf a network of millions of young people around the world, amplifying their voices to push for change in everything from peace to human rights.

Become inspired by these amazing Scouts who are promoting a better world for everyone.

Meet our Youth Representatives

“What I love the most about being a youth representative are the challenges we overcome. Advocacy is a key solution as it turns words into action.”
Nadine, a youth representative
Nadine, Tunisia
Youth Representative
The members of the expedition before the departure.
3 minutes
4 minutes
KSA Census 2024
World Scouting/Kenya Scouts Association
3 minutes
“As a youth representative, I have the challenge of making our young voices heard by many different types of people, but also the delight of being heard by those who can support and learn from us, inspiring others to multiply these efforts.”
Thais, a youth representative
Thaís, Brazil
Youth Representative
Duke of Edinburgh International Award Logo


  • The Unlock Declaration
    The Unlock Declaration
    File download
  • Rio Declaration On Non-Formal Education
    Rio Declaration On Non-Formal Education
    File download
  • The Big 6 Youth Organizations Joint Position on Non-Formal Education
    The Big 6 Youth Organizations Joint Position on Non-Formal Education
    File download

Find out more about our Youth Representatives and advocacy work

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