Ticket to Life project set benchmark for best practices

Coordinators and interested parties of National Scout Organizations (NSOs) from Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, and Nepal attended the Ticket to Life Workshop in the Eastern Region Headquarters of the Bharat Scouts and Guides in West Bengal, India.

A total of 17 participants, with 11 attending physically and six attending virtually, learned how to effectively implement and be successful in managing their Ticket to Life troops with the goal of reintegrating beneficiary Scouts back to society through Scouting.

Participants benchmarked best practices in reporting, managing, and documenting their troops as necessary components for a project to continue. The workshop allowed them to plan their troop’s activities for the year 2023, to tell the story and measure the project’s impact.

The World Scout Bureau team, led by Regional Director J. Rizal C. Pangilinan, visited several troops in India as part of the monitoring and evaluation of the said project. Ticket to Life troops extended their warm welcome to the visiting team through a traditional way of greeting called tika.

The Ticket to Life project, running in the Region since 2006, expanded its reach through the support of generous donors and funding from the World Scout Foundation and the Messengers of Peace initiative. Currently, the project is reaching out to countries where many young people are living in the streets, or what is called Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances or CEDCs.

If you would like to know more about this project and find ways to support Ticket to Life troops across the Region, read more on www.scout.org/ticket2life
With details coming from Bharat Scouts and Guides’ E-News Letter for the Asia-Pacific Regional Ticket to Life Workshop