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Mundus Novus 27

15. Мар 2014

Our world today is one in which “marketing” is always present. Companies
invest huge amounts of money to advertisers, to create campaigns publicizing
to the target populations the benefits of a product or service they wish to place
on the market. So daily we are “bombarded” by ads on TV, in newspapers and
even on social media, trying to convince us to consume something. However, it
happens that after purchasing a product, the consumer experience something
different to the promise made at first.
Each of us has a story to tell of a product that was less than expected and the
discomfort that this generated. This is more common with products that offer
instant solutions: weight loss pills, substances to stop hair loss, faster cooking
appliances, etc.
Our anger comes from feeling betrayed, deceived. The reality changed as the
product was in our hands. Those wonderful results offered through the TV
screen never come to fruition at all.
If we complain about the results, then we discover that in the instructions is
“fine print” in which we read that the results may vary from person to person
and that other factors beyond the control of the company that developed the
product have influence on the results...

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