The Biggest Annual Scouting Event is On: It’s JOTA-JOTI 2023!

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JOTA-JOTI 2023 campsite
World Scout Bureau

The Jamboree On The Air - Jamboree On The Internet (JOTA-JOTI) is the largest annual gathering of Scouts across the globe, and it’s on this weekend! From 20-22 October 2023, Scouts in more than 150 countries will be connecting through our digital campsite and amateur radio to meet Scouts from different regions and countries, play games, learn new skills, explore communication technology, and participate in activities from nearly 20 campsite areas!

Below you’ll find some tips to get started, plus some suggestions for highlights not to miss this JOTA-JOTI weekend.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Register

To access the full JOTA-JOTI event online, you need to log in or register using your account. It’s easy to create an account and will allow you to personalise your activities agenda and redeem codes in Challenge Valley!

2. Read the “Be Safe” page

Keeping everyone safe from harm online is a top priority in all scouting events. We are committed to our responsibility to ensure that each participant’s experience of the JOTA-JOTI is as safe as possible as they network and make new friends across the world. This year, we have our largest ever JOTA-JOTI Safe from Harm team helping make sure our online events are as safe as possible!

Every participant, parent and Scout Leader should read the Be Safe page, including the Safe JOTA-JOTI Pledge, to understand the guidelines and rules and know how to report an issue in case it’s needed during the event. 

3. Download the ScoutPass

We are launching the first-ever digital wallet for Scouts: ScoutPass! This app will allow you to store your Scouting credentials, like digital badges, boosts and memberships. During JOTA-JOTI you can redeem your Challenge Valley accomplishments for official digital badges in ScoutPass.

Plus, you can choose from 40+ fun boost badges to give your friends! Check it out for camp boosts like “Mosquito Magnet,” “Bear Grylls’ Protégé,” or “Charcoal Chef” and others like “Master of Fun,” “Resilience Rockstar” and “Supportive Squad.” Have fun and start your digital collection by downloading ScoutPass here!

Download the ScoutPass digital wallet for Scouts
World Scout Bureau

Here are some highlights to check out:


We will open and close the weekend’s events with the JOTA-JOTI Live Show! Why not enjoy some snacks with your unit and gather for a watch party? You can watch live or on-demand anytime during the weekend on World Scouting’s YouTube or Facebook page.

You’ll meet this year’s hosts, Nour from Egypt and Filipe from Brazil, see interviews with Scouts around the world, cheer on “Youth Got Talent” submissions, and learn about what’s happening this JOTA-JOTI.

Dedicated Minecraft Server

Following popular demand from participants, JOTA-JOTI will have its own Minecraft server this year! We can’t wait to see the creativity of young people as they Scoutify their Minecraft universe.

During your events, consider carving out some time for Scouts to create and play on our server. As with any multi-player server, be sure to brief Scouts about online safety and keep a watchful eye in case of any issues.

Scouts Minecraft server during JOTA-JOTI 2023
World Scout Bureau

International Campfires and Celebrations

Special events are ongoing - and some live - in the Celebration Arena! Some you may want to check out include “Renew Your Scout Promise,” “KISC Chalet Tour,” “100 Years of Camp Wisdom, Texas,” “Cycling from France to South Korea for the World Scout Jamboree,” and more!

For discussions on issues like youth in humanitarian action, mental health and taking care of the ocean, check out the International Campfire.

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is where you can refine and gain new knowledge and skills that help us all create a better world! You’ll find an assortment of activities here related to health, environment, skills and peace. We suggest checking out “Youth Advocacy in Health,” “Unlocking Your Superpower,” “Path Out Adventure Game,” “Get Involved in Dialogue for Peace,” and more!

Plus, check out our new SDG Hub to find even more activities, get inspired by Scouts’ project stories, and submit your own project to share how you are changing the world!

Fun Zone

The Fun Zone is often Scouts’ favourite campsite area, of course! This year, you’ll find activities like “Dungeons & Dragons: Live,” “The Ultimate Communication Game,” “JOTA-JOTI Bingo: Scout World Adventure Edition,” “Minecraft,” “Metaforest” and more!


Enter the Metaforest this JOTA-JOTI! Scouts and all young people are invited to a very special world in Decentraland where you can create an avatar, learn about conservation, plant a tree & more! Special thanks to our partners at Alwaleed Philanthropies for making this possible for JOTA-JOTI. Learn more and enter the Metaverse here.

BONUS: Scouts, once you plant your tree, you can redeem a code for an exclusive digital Metaforest Explorer badge in the ScoutPass!

Amateur Radio Activities

Scout Leaders running amateur radio stations should definitely check out our list of Radio Communication Games for great ideas for games, deciphering codes, or taking fresh spins on classic Battleship or Hide-and-Seek games. You can find plenty more in the Amateur Radio Hub or tune in to the JOTI Radio Station.

International Leaders’ Site

Don’t worry, Leaders, we didn’t forget about you! The International Leaders’ Site includes activities where you can develop your leadership and tech skills and contribute your valuable insights.

New this year: We’re testing out WOSM’s first-ever podcast! The Leader's Backpack Podcast is made especially for Leaders like you who want to listen, reflect and grow their skills for optimal adult leadership in Scouting. If you love it, who knows? Maybe we’ll release a full season!

Egyptian Scouts participate in activities during JOTA-JOTI 2023
World Scout Bureau

Follow the Fun on Social!

Updates from the campsite will be shared on JOTA-JOTI’s channels:

Follow World Scouting to stay connected to the global Scouting community year-round:

We can’t wait to see how Scouts enjoy JOTA-JOTI activities, whether from home or while gathering together in person!

Special thanks to all of the participants, Scout Leaders, volunteers and partners who are making this year’s event a reality.

The WOSM World Events Team poses in front of two big television screens before the JOTA-JOTI Live opening show
World Scout Bureau