World Scouting launches first green NFT badge at JOTA-JOTI

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World Scouting announced today that it will launch its first non-fungible token (NFT) badge to commemorate the experience of being part of this year’s JOTA-JOTI, the largest Scouting event for young people taking place online and over the airwaves this weekend. 

The new digital NFT badge represents another leap forward by the world’s leading educational youth Movement to embrace the possibilities of Web3 and engage young people in learning about how blockchain technologies and token-based economies are reshaping our world. 

To make the digital badge a reality for JOTA-JOTI 2022, World Scouting is embarking on a new project with support from the Ethereum Foundation to give Scouts participating in JOTA-JOTI the chance to earn a collectible NFT built on the new green Ethereum blockchain, and take part in educational opportunities during the event. 

The project is being led by Mihajlo Atanackovic, who has been at the helm of World Scouting’s digital transformation efforts over the past number of years and was recently awarded an Ethereum Foundation Fellowship to join the latest cohort of innovators making use of blockchain technologies and the Ethereum platform for public good. 

“There is an incredible potential to harness the power of blockchain technologies to continue to push World Scouting’s digital transformation initiatives into new directions. The digitisation of Scouting badges is really just the start of a wide range of possibilities to get our Movement ready for the rise of Web3,” said Mihajlo, Director of Digital and Information Technology for the World Organization of Scout Movement. “In addition to adopting these technologies for our organisation, we also see the chance to educate and equip young people with the skills to help them be successful in today’s modern, technology-driven world.”

Mihajlo Atanackovic

During the JOTA-JOTI event, young people from around the globe will have opportunity to take part in innovation labs and online sessions to learn about the blockchain and set up their digital wallets to receive the NFT badge. The badge will be minted using POAP, a platform that enables the creation of collectible tokens in celebration of a memorable experience. 

Through a recent event called the “Merge,” Ethereum shifted to a new proof-of-stake blockchain. The Merge has made the Ethereum platform much greener by eliminating the need for energy-intensive mining, making the entire ecosystem more sustainable for users to adopt.   

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