UNICEF Belize recognizes the Scout Association as the Champion of Children-NGO

4 minutes

In the framework of its 75 year celebration, UNICEF Belize held a ceremony in recognition of outstanding work with children achieved with their partners. The Scout Association of Belize received a special distinction as the Champion of Children-NGO.

The award recognizes five outstanding organizations and individuals who have contributed to UNICEF's vision, mission and children's agenda across Belize. 

The ceremony was held on Saturday, December 11th, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Representatives from the local goverment and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science & Technology of Belize also attended the gala. Local artists donated their paintings to raise awareness and win support for the cause of children.


Presenting the award was Janelle Chanona, who described the Scouts Association of Belize (SAB) as: "an opinion leader making great strides to raise awareness of children's issues in new and engaging ways." She went on to add that the Scouts of Belize has been exemplary in ensuring that children remained connected and learning through various programs and initiatives while also preparing them with life skills for our ever-changing world. 

Accepting the Award was National Chairperson Fernando Oliva. He emphasized that, as an Association, we cannot contribute to the development of young people alone. Partnerships are necessary to ensure that we achieve our goals. 

UNICEF and Scouts of Belize have narrowed their collaboration as part of the National Steering Committee for U-Report Belize. Scouts have participated in multiple polls conducted by U-report. 

The Committee will be meeting to determine how both entities can further stengthen their partnership. 


Developing capacity in Scouts of Belize 


The Champion of Children-NGO award was great news for Scouts of Belize, who have made strides in capacity strenghtening efforts over the past several years. The SAB have requeseted several services from World Scouting and carefully allocated their resources and volunteers to develop their internal procesess, practices and programmes. They are committed to fulfilling the Vision 2023 Strategy within their territories. 

In our efforts to lead the world’s largest coordinated youth contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), #Scouts4SDGs, World Scouting is proud to work with United Nations entities, such as UNICEF, the UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth, UN Women and more.