Scout Youth Programme

Scouting prepares young people to be active citizens locally and globally by equipping them with the skills and leadership to respond to the social, economic, and environmental challenges facing our world. Scouts actively contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in their communities, affecting positive change and inspiring others.

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How the Youth Programme Works

The Youth Programme is the heart of Scouting. It contributes to the holistic development and empowerment of young people to achieve their highest potential.

Empowering individuals through personal growth, the Youth Programme addresses six dimensions of a young person’s development - social, physical, intellectual, character, emotional and spiritual - through learning opportunities and experiences.

Building Competencies for Life
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Competencies for Life

For each area of personal growth and development, the Youth Programme incorporates knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that build competencies for life.

Together, these competencies give young people a wealth of experiences that empower them to contribute as active members of society.

Scouts Canoeing in Canada
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Getting Back to Our Nature

After a tough few years from the global pandemic, Scouts are now getting ready to reconnect in person with their friends and go back to enjoying activities in nature.

The Back to Our Nature initiative focuses on resuming these activities and creating meaningful interactions and relationships, leading the way for the physical and mental recovery of Scouts everywhere.

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  • World Scout Youth Programme Policy
    World Scout Youth Programme Policy
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  • GPS - The Guide to Youth Programme in Scouting
    GPS - The Guide to Youth Programme in Scouting
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  • Youth Programme Self-assessment Tool
    Youth Programme Self-assessment Tool
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