Earth Tribe

Portuguese Scouts during one of the clean up actions for Mes do Mar.

Empowering youth for Active Citizenship

The Earth Tribe project draws on the content of the Earth Tribe Global Initiative, to propose a journey starting from reflection and training, data collection and critical thinking, dialogue and action.

The Earth Tribe ambition is to transform youth organizations into forward-looking structures that support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and empower young Europeans to be active citizens creating positive change in their communities.  


Empowering Youth Organizations for Sustainable Impact

At a time when sustainability challenges continue to multiply and intensify, sustainability proponents often lack a clear message and agenda, thereby limiting their influence with one-off actions and initiatives.

To change this, participating youth organizations will receive tailor-made, country and region specific capacity building through peer-to-peer learning, staff development, educational methods training, and organizational development support.