Asia-Pacific Governance

The operations of the Asia-Pacific Scout Region are governed by the Constitution of the Asia-Pacific Scout Region, which is based on the Constitution of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

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Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference

The Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Conference is the governing body of Scouting in the region. It is held every three years to, among other things, hold elections and consider reports and recommendations from the World Scout Conference, the World Scout Committee, and constituent organizations.

Each Member Organization can send up to six delegates and a number of observers to the Conference.

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Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Youth Forum

The Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Youth Forum provides opportunities for young people in Scouting to express their views, make recommendations on important issues, and take part in key decisions. Each Forum sees the election of young persons as Regional Youth Representatives.

The Forum is one of the many ways that the Movement is implementing the Policy on Involvement of Young Members in Decision-Making, which was adopted by the 33rd World Scout Conference in 1993.

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Regional Youth Representatives

Regional Youth Representatives consist of a Chairperson, who is a voting member of the Regional Scout Committee, and members who sit in various sub-committees. 

In February 2022, seven young people were elected from different National Scout Organizations as Regional Youth Representatives, all of whom are mentored by members of the Regional Sub-Committees. Through their roles, the Representatives became involved in planning and achieving the objectives of the Regional Plan for the triennium.

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Asia-Pacific Regional Committee

The Asia-Pacific Regional Committee consists of ten people from Member Organizations in the Region who are elected for a term of six years, plus the Chairperson of the Regional Youth Representatives.

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Asia-Pacific Region Plan 2022-2025

Scout leaders from the Asia-Pacific Region began developing a regional plan in April 2021. Its six strategic priorities are aligned with the World Triennial Plan 2021-2024, namely:

  • Youth Engagement
  • Educational Methods
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Social Impact
  • Communications and External Relations
  • Governance

Regional Sub-Committees are responsible for implementing and monitoring the Plan on a quarterly basis. A mid-term assessment of the Plan is undertaken during the region's Scout Leaders Summit.

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Asia-Pacific Regional Strategy

Since the World Organization of the Scout Movement launched the Strategy for Scouting in 1988, the Asia-Pacific Region had developed its own regional strategy, which is driven by a series of visions: Towards 2002, APR Vision 2013, and APR Vision 2020.

World Scout Bureau Asia-Pacific Support Centre

Since 1956, the Philippines has hosted the Asia-Pacific Support Centre in Makati City, Manila. The office enjoys diplomatic privileges through an agreement signed with the national government in 1991.

The support centre has 20 staff members. The office, which is headed by a regional director, operates four departments: educational methods, organizational development, administration and finance, and communications and partnerships.


  • APR Triennial Report 2018-2021
    APR Triennial Report 2018-2021
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  • APR Scout Foundation Triennial Report 2018-2021
    APR Scout Foundation Triennial Report 2018-2021
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  • Government Engagement in Supporting Scouting
    Government Engagement in Supporting Scouting
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  • Guideline on Fundraising
    Guideline on Fundraising
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