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What We Do

Scouting provides young people with opportunities to participate in programmes, events, activities and projects that contribute to their growth as active citizens. Through these initiatives, young people become agents of positive change who inspire others to take action.

Our Key Initiatives

Scouts are creating a better world for their communities through our World Scout Programmes, Join them!

Educating and empowering Scouts to protect the environment.
Find out how you too can experience, conserve and protect nature.
Make the world a better place and inspire others to do even more by being a Messenger of Peace!
Take up the challenge to solve global issues at local level and make your community a better place!

World Events

An important part of Scouting is to meet and interact with young people from around the world. World Scouting brings Scouts together through international events, don't miss the upcoming events!

This forum endeavours to enhance the spiritual dimension of Scouting.
Participate in educational, fun and exciting Scouting events taking place at venues across the globe.
Join thousands of Rovers and young adult members at this event which promotes peace and understanding.
Every four years, some 40,000 Scouts worldwide participate in Scouting's largest educational event.

Looking for information about the 42nd World Scout Conference?

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