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Debate the cause of Scouting with Baden- Powell

1st Jan 2010

After the commemoration of February 22, Founders day, which saw millions of Scouts get together think, remember and pay respects to the Founder of the Movement. We propose to continue in debating on the cause of Scouting by reacting to the following themes: Education in LoveEducation in Peace,Education of Boys and Girls and Learning by Doing.

Cause: That for which we do something (goal, reason, motive) or principal from which something extracts its being (foundation, origin, engine)

From the 4 themes chosen from quotes extracted from Baden-Powell's texts, we invite you to take part in the debate.

Theme 1: Education in Love

Quote: “Can we not, in addition to passively praying for the reign of Love, do something to actively help in bringing it about?”

Theme 2: Education in Peace

Quote: It is not the abolition of armies that will do away with war anymore than the abolition off police will do away with crime. We have to do away with the cause of war; armies are rather the effect, that is the result of Fear and of the fighting spirit. And that is a matter for Education

Theme 3: Education of Boys and Girls

Quote: The effective education of women is therefore at least of equal value with that of the men. On them more than on the men, depend the healthiness both of body and mind of the future generation. They must be in the training too.

Theme 4: Learning by Doing

Quote: Education as I read it means not so much putting knowledge into the boy as giving him the desire and the method for acquiring knowledge.

Join us on the WOSM Facebook page under “discussions” to give us your opinion on the themes above and their relevance in todays society.

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