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Join us at the WeAct Forum in Kraków, Poland, from 9 to 13 June 2023, as we engage with Member Organisations (MOs) and humanitarian partners including UNICEF, to strengthen Scouting’s preparedness and humanitarian action across our Movement.

The WeAct Forum is organised by the Europe and Eurasia Scout Regions to be an interactive learning space for Member Organisations (MOs) from all regions to exchange experiences, operational tools, procedures, and best practices as the event marks the conclusion of World Scouting’s partnership with UNICEF in the project UAct: Scouts in Humanitarian Response for Ukraine.

Learn more about the project and the actions these Member Organisations took in response to Ukraine through the UAct Mid-Year Report.


The WeAct Forum creates a space for networking, partnership building, youth empowerment, and peer-to-peer learning, as it brings together MOs alongside other humanitarian organisations to redefine youth-led humanitarian action.

The scope of the WeAct Forum is to increase the humanitarian preparedness of MOs across the globe, positioning youth within Scouting as relevant and responsive actors in today’s societal challenges.

Discover the objectives of the Forum in Annexe to Regional Circular 07 2023.


The WeAct Forum’s programme will focus on three areas: partnership building, volunteer management, and educational approaches, with one day dedicated to each respective area.

The programme will be a combination of plenary and parallel sessions centred around these main topics. The plenary sessions will feature the expertise of actors engaged in humanitarian action (MOs, WOSM, and humanitarian organisations), recognising the value of cross-sectoral collaboration in humanitarian crisis.

The parallel sessions will empower participants to craft their individual learning journey by selecting the sessions they are most interested in.

These sessions will consolidate the knowledge gained through the plenary sessions. Learn more about the programme of the event in Annexe to Regional Circular 07 2023.


The WeAct Forum welcomes 150 participants from Member Organisations across all Scout regions. Interested participants must meet the specific criteria detailed in the Annex, such as having experience in humanitarian action, interest in the topic or capacity to transfer knowledge gained from the WeAct Forum to their MOs.

Member Organisations are not limited to a certain number of spots. However, the planning team will strive to ensure diversity among the participants in terms of knowledge, roles, and expertise.


The participation fee for this event will be between EUR 100. 

In the case that financial support is needed for travel costs, we confirm that we will cover:

  • Up to EUR 150 for participants from Member Organizations in the European Scout Region of WOSM.
  • Up to EUR 450 for other participants.


Interested candidates must complete and submit this form by 10 April 2023 at 23.59 pm CEST. The registration forms must be completed for applications to be considered.

Should you have urgent inquiries, kindly contact weact@scout.org and the relevant colleagues will support you.