European Region Open Call

The European Scout Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) invites interested members of NSOs and NSAs in the European Region to apply to join the European Scout Region Volunteer Pool 2022-2025.

Read the role description before filling out the application form

regional volunteers from the Europe Scout Region taking a group photo

The European Scout Region Volunteer Pool is a group of volunteers representing Scouting from all across Europe. They are people who have expressed interest in volunteering to support the successful delivery of the 2022-2025 Regional Scout Plan and will be asked to contribute in a number of different ways. Members of the pool might become part of long-term volunteer teams, whilst others may support in more specific short tasks, however everybody will be committed to supporting the success of Scouting in Europe.  

Lots of different things! Regional volunteers are there to support the successful delivery of the Regional Scout Plan and that is why the tasks are varied and diverse. Whilst some opportunities might look for specific expertise, it’s likely that everybody, regardless of background, will find an area of interest to apply for. We welcome applicants with all skills and experience levels.

Regional volunteers generally work in small teams remotely, with occasional face to face meetings. Some examples of potential areas of work include: 

  • Planning of WOSM events in Europe
  • Improving volunteer management practice in the Region
  • Implementing projects related to the Environmental Sustainability in the Region
  • Finding ways to innovate our Educational Methods to respond to emerging challenges
  • Representing WOSM externally
  • Supporting the membership development of Scouting in Europe

Before applying, please be sure to read the role description.


There are three stages to the application process for people who are interested in volunteering with the European Scout Region:

1) Applications for the European Scout Region Volunteer Pool

Starting 30 June 2022, those interested can apply to join the European Scout Region Volunteer Pool by providing some basic information via our application form. At this stage, potential volunteers do not need to decide exactly what they wish to do for the Region, just express interest in giving some time to the work of the region over the coming 3 years. Applicants before 2 September 2022 will be informed of the result of their application no later than the 16 September 2022. Applicants after the 2 September 2022 will have their applications processed periodically.

2) Applications for specific opportunities with the European Scout Region

Starting in September 2022, approved members of the European Scout Region Volunteer Pool will be invited to apply for specific working groups or task forces. The exact areas of these working groups will be confirmed by the European Scout Committee at a later date. Applicants will be asked to provide more information to show their suitability and motivation for the specific role and all information about the tasks and requirements will be communicated in advance.

3) Induction and All Groups Meeting

Those who are successful in applying to a working group will be provided with a full role induction in order to support them in getting started with their work. The members of the first set of teams appointed in 2022 are also expected to be invited to an in person All Groups Meeting in early 2023.

Everybody who applies to the European Scout Region Volunteer Pool will need approval from their International Commissioner. The European Scout Region works in collaboration with its member organisations and it’s important that volunteers with the ESR are members of one its constituent NSOs or NSAs. The approval process has been made simple for ICs and we do not expect that every ESR volunteer will know their IC personally. 

Shortly after 2nd September, ICs will be contacted to approve the first list of volunteers selected to the Regional Volunteer Pool from their respective member organisations. Once appointments to specific roles and teams are finalised, ICs will also be informed about the appointments.

Want to Apply?, Fill out our application form. We expect it will take no more than 15 minutes.
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