World Scout Bureau Global Support Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Ahmad Alhendawi
Secretary General, WOSM
Angel Turner
Social Media Coordinator
Annie Weaver
Senior Manager, Advocacy and Partnerships
Azleen Syarina Ashaari
Executive, Scouting Development Team Operations
Beatriz Candeias
Manager, Diversity, Inclusion & Life Skills
Carla Alexandra Alexandra Simoes
Director, Youth Programme
Charles Philip Chun-Wai Ng
Senior Manager, Constitutions & Legal GRC and Chief Risk Officer
Corentin Molders
Jr. Manager, Translation
Cynthia Jacqueline Pugelj Marquez
Director, World Educational Initiatives
David Berg
Chief Operating Officer
David Venn
Global Director, Communications and Partnerships
Dhamayanthi Yanthi Karuppiah
Accounting Manager
Džanin Jamaković
Intern, Scouting Development
Edward Tan
Senior Finance Executive
Elena Ceban
Manager, Membership Services and Digital Support
Emmah Njeri Mbugua
Jr Manager, NSO Capacity Strengthening
Enrique Alfonso Leon
Manager, Multimedia & Campaigns
Eric Takiy
Junior Manager, World Events
Hannah Kentish
Project Manager, Humanitarian Action, and Peace Education
Hannah Louise Graham
Manager, Advocacy and Partnership
Hany Abdulwahab Abdulmonem
Global Director, Scouting Development
Ivy Karushi Akii
Intern - Youth Programme
Jacob Murray
Director, World Events
Jorge Luis Salas Cuzquén
Manager, Volunteers and Young Adults Development.
Kao Pin  KP Ngau
Senior Finance Manager
Karin Nolke Grubbström
Global Director, Organizational Development
Kondwani Msampha
Director for Human Resources and Administration & Deputy Global Director for Corporate Services
Kumi Sugiyama
Special Assistant to the Secretary General of WOSM
Linda Rainbow
Manager, Knowledge Management
Lynne Lessard
Manager, Digital Marketing
Marko Pankovski
Manager, Membership Growth
Maya Taylor
Manager, Communication
Mihaela Ciobanu
Senior Manager, Grant Management
Mihajlo Atanackovic
Director, Digital and Information Technology
Milly Siebrits
Senior Manager, Governance and Board Relations
Monserrath "Monse" López
Consultant, health and well-being
Noveen Mannath
Senior Manager, IT and Digital Services
Ooi Soon San
Global Director, Corporate Services
Pauline Grangette
Manager, Child Protection & Safeguarding
Riad Boudjerada
Executive, Knowledge Management & Team Operations
Ruth Potts
Director Membership Services & Deputy Global Director Organizational Development
Sam Joshua Williams
Global Director - Business Development & Resource Mobilization
Shanjitha Rajin Indran
Administrative Executive
Siti NorBaiti Baity Che Awang
Human Resources Operations Executive
Syafiq M Hashim
Executive, Legal and Compliance Advisor
Tom Chanin
Senior Manager, Monitoring & Evaluation
Veanne Than
Consultant in Corporate Services
Victor Ortega
Senior Manager, Art Design, Branding & Audio‑Visuals