Final preparations are taking place to welcome around 1,300 young people to the 13th World Scout Moot in Kenya.

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The Moot will take place at Rowallan Campsite, situated in Ngong forest near the centre of Nairobi. Rowallan campsite is home to both the national office of the Kenya Scouts Association and the Africa Regional Office of the World Scout Bureau.

The participants will also have the opportunity to spend three days at Expedition Centres in other parts of the country

  • Kaiyaba, situated north west of Nairobi, near Nyeri, the resting place of our Founder.
  • Embu campsite is situated approximately 120km north-west of Nairobi in a beautiful rural setting.
  • Machakos Scout Camp is situated in hilly terrain on a 10 acre piece of land about one hour’s drive from Nairobi.

The staff and volunteers of KSA have been working for many months to make this event a reality and they have now been joined by around 300 International Service Team Members (IST) who are working on the final jobs that need to be done and are trained for the different roles they will play during the event.

Here is some information on the work of the Moot team and IST.


For security reasons everyone must have a special identification card and an event scarf, which needs to be worn at all times. Here the IST are preparing participants’ kit for each of the national contingents.

Tent pitching

Lots of tents need to be pitched. The Moot has received a donation of tents from the Kenyan army and staff are erecting these tents for workshops at the Global Development Village.

Equipment and Catering

Participants will be cooking their own food in groups of 10. All the equipment was purchased centrally have been packed into boxes and transported to each of the centres.


All leaders working at the event have been trained to fulfill their roles. The training is completed in ‘Scout’ style – plenary sessions in the open air, working in small groups, including singing and dancing.

13th World Scout Moot Gallery

Image 1: © WSB Inc. / Victor Ortega