Bronze Wolf Award

The Bronze Wolf Award is Scouting’s highest honour. It recognises the outstanding service, commitment, and contributions of volunteers to the Scout Movement and is the only award presented by the World Scout Committee. Since its establishment, fewer than 400 people have received the award.

Bronze wolf medal

History of the Award

In the Movement's early years, Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouts, awarded a Silver Wolf to Scouts for their outstanding service and value to the Movement. As the Silver Wolf was a British National Award, Baden-Powell was later asked to create a special award to recognise this service. This led to the establishment of the Bronze Wolf Award in 1935.

Scout receiving a Bronze Wolf Award

Past Awardees

For nearly 90 years, the Bronze Wolf Award has been given to incredible Scouts who have dedicated themselves to the ideals and values of the Movement. Learn more about this amazing group.

Full list of Awardees