Grants and Funding

World Scouting, in collaboration with the World Scout Foundation, provides opportunities for National Scout Organizations to apply for grants and use resources for community building and strengthening their capacity. Grants can support a range of projects that are addressing global issues and trends that affect young people.


Grants for National Scout Organizations

National Scout Organizations can apply for grants and resources to implement projects and activities in environment and sustainability, peace and community engagement, skills for life, health and well-being, partnerships and communications and capacity strengthening, growth, and good governance.

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Messengers of Peace Support Fund

The Messengers of Peace Fund provides financial support to Scouts so that they can take action and contribute to peace and sustainable development in their communities.

The funds supports projects involved in capacity strengthening, inspiring Messengers of Peace, disaster response, environment, peace and culture of dialogue, and special projects. To learn more, please read our guideline for applicants.

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Mexican girl holding globe at world scout Jamboree
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Crowdfund on the Scout Donation Platform

Make a real difference today! Scouts around the world can use our fee-free platform, the Scout Donation Platform, to fundraise for projects that create positive change in their communities.

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Learn more about our grant opportunities

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