Europe Governance

The European Scout Region is strategically managed by the Regional Scout Committee. The Committee is elected by the Regional Scout Conference, which is attended by delegations from all member National Scout Organizations in the Region.

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European Regional Constitution

The European Regional Constitution governs the operations of the European Scout Region. It is based on the Constitution of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

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Europe Regional Conference

Held every three years, the Europe Regional Conference showcases the spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance among Member Organizations. National Scout Organizations from across the region network gather to share their experiences and report on progress.

The event is also an opportunity to foster the idea of European citizenship, develop cooperation among European youth, carry out the functions of the constitution and other laws governing the Region, and ensure the proper implementation of decisions and policies. Members of the Regional Scout Committee are elected at the event.

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Europe Regional Committee

The European Regional Committee consists of six volunteer members who are elected for a three-year term. It meets three times a year. A volunteer is appointed as Treasurer and the Director of the World Scout Bureau - Europe Support Centre is the Committee’s secretary.

The Committee exercises its functions outlined in the Regional Constitution, implements resolutions from the Regional Conference, and advises the World Committee and Member Organisations in the Region.

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Regional Scout Plan 2022-2025 “Strong, Innovative, Green” 

The Regional Scout Plan is guided by our Mission of Scouting and reflects the European Scout Region’s active contribution to achieve the World Triennial Plan, while also setting a strategic direction for the Region. This plan puts forward an innovative set of objectives and targets, including elevated support for organizational resilience, stronger compliance and support around child and youth safeguarding, taking action to address the climate crisis and developing a climate impact strategy for the Region, widening our influence by working closely with partners and strengthening youth engagement at all levels of Scouting

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World Scout Bureau European Support Centre

Based on the philosophy of “One World, One Scout Movement'', the European Support Centre acts as the secretariat of the World Organization of the Scout Movement on matters relating to the European Region. It is headed by a regional director.


  • Constitution of the European Scout Region
    Constitution of the European Scout Region
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  • ERO Statutes
    ERO Statutes
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