Building a Jamboree

3 minutos

The planning of the Jamboree has been going on for several years, mostly in front of computers, through e-mail and weekend meetings. But in a week from now Scouts from all over the world will start to build one of the largest cities in southern Sweden.

“On June 15 we st​art to build. There will be craftsmen, electricians, truck drivers, plumbers, and many more. We need a lot of people to help us,” says Lars Carlsson who is responsible for organising the build-up.

Amongst the bigger tents on site is the IST dining hall which will host 4 000 seated Scouts at any one time. With around 10 000 servings for each meal, three times a day, it requires particular attention. Where and how will electricity be installed? What will be required to keep the food warm? What drainage is needed? There are many aspects to consider. For example, there is a stone hedge running through the tent that cannot be moved.

A lot of infrastructure is already in place. In fact, people have been working on the campsite since 2007 to prepare for the Jamboree. This video was recorded during the Swedish national Jamboree in 2007 and highlights some of the work that is going on behind the scenes.

Picture: © WSB / Jesus Inostroza / July 2007