European Scout Region

Scouting in Europe has over 2 million members in 40 Member Organizations across the continent. It empowers the development of young people so that they can achieve their full social, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual potential as individuals and responsible citizens. 

Guided by the European Regional Conference and the European Scout Committee, the Region is supported by volunteers in working groups and project teams, as well as by professionals at the World Scout Bureau's European Regional Office.

2 million
National Scout Organizations
National Scout Associations

Our Initiatives

two scouts holding a heforshe campaign cards
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World Scout Bureau - Enrique Leon

Read project insights, guidelines, and recommendations for gender equality in Europe by Scouting.

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a scout holds a safe from harm card
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World Scout Bureau

A targeted initiative that supports National Scout Organizations develop and review their national child and youth protection and safeguarding policies.

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A project that supports growth in Scouting and encourages mutual exchange on recruiting, retaining, and diversifying membership in the Region.

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Belgian Scouts use post its to differentiate needs and desires as part of a human rights activity.
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Les Scouts
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Anna, a Ukrainian Scout leader, prepares a game to introduce them to Scouting concepts and values.
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Scouts of Ukraine scarf.
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©Egor Andronov Scouts of Ukraine
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European Scout Region
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