In Scouting, the twin dimensions of personal growth and active citizenship are inseparable. Education, in its most accurate form, demands the pursuit of one's full potential while also learning to coexist freely and responsibly with others. As integral members of local, national, and global communities, scouting thrives to empower young people to live in harmonious unity with one another and with nature, working collectively to build a better world.

Education's ultimate objective for Scouting lies in unlocking potential, nurturing self-fulfilled individuals, and fostering proactive global citizens. By empowering young minds and hearts, we instil in them the capability to bring forth novel solutions and inspirations that enrich the lives of all. Our shared commitment is to shape a world where every life journey is marked by a sense of direction, belonging, and active engagement, guiding humanity towards greater fulfilment and progress.

As an educational movement, Scouting firmly believes that each new generation of young people holds the power to confront the challenges of life's journey with purpose, equal freedom, and dignity, by learning to be agents of their own development. Through its Youth Programme, Scouting enables young people to empower, motivate, and protect themselves, strengthening their resilience to face the increased complexity, rapid change, uncertainty and ambiguity in today’s society. 

Scouts learn to play drums in front of a backdrop of tents in a forest
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Unique Learning Opportunity

Scouting is a learner-centred approach based on the concept of self-education. This implies that each youth member is a unique individual who, from the outset, has the potential to develop in the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and character dimensions of holistic personal growth and to take responsibility for his or her own development from an early age: this means learning how to learn, being equipped for lifelong learning. Self-education is also progressive. While retaining the same basic elements, it adapts to the different stages of young people’s development from childhood to the end of adolescence and early adulthood and takes into account each individual’s own pace. 

The educational approach to Scouting is implemented through the Scout Method, an original educational system that fosters self-education, empowerment, and cooperative learning. The Scout Method is the vehicle that brings young people closer to the learnings they are expected to acquire. Centred around a set of values and a voluntary commitment towards the Scout Promise and Law, the application of the Scout Method results in an experience for young people that is educational, fun, enjoyable, and where young people are safe – physically and emotionally. Learning by doing in nature and in communities enables young people to adapt and grow in different environments. It aims to be flexible and relevant to the changing needs of young people and society.

Leading Non-Formal Education

Scouting stands apart from formal education in schools and informal education within families as the foremost non-formal education Movement. Non-formal education, within Scouting, is thoughtfully institutionalized, intentional, and strategically planned by dedicated education providers. It serves as a valuable addition and complements formal education, encompassing the lifelong learning journey of individuals, as it is best suited to help young people build up their talents and resilience and prepare them to cope with social changes.

Scouting's resolute commitment lies in enhancing and complementing other forms of education, all in service of empowering and nurturing young people across the globe. By embracing this non-formal educational approach and value-based learning, we aim to foster holistic development, equipping youth with the skills, knowledge, and values essential for personal growth and meaningful contributions to society.

As the leading non-formal education Movement, Scouting envisions a world where every individual's potential is unlocked, where lifelong learning is celebrated, and where education extends beyond the confines of traditional settings. Together, we strive to pave the way for a brighter future, where young minds thrive and make a lasting impact, driving progress and transformation within their communities and beyond.