Congress Roadmap sets direction for education in Scouting

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Presenting the Roadmap on the future of Scouting at the 4th WSEC

The 4th World Scout Education Congress concluded with a clear and collective call to action for education in Scouting to be more transformative, inclusive and innovative for millions of young people and volunteers worldwide. 

The “Roadmap for Education in Scouting”, published as one of the key outcomes of the Congress, highlights ten ways to future-proof Scouting, offering inspiration for the world’s leading educational youth movement to ensure our non-formal educational offering remains relevant, and is able to adapt and withstand the uncertainties of tomorrow. 

The Roadmap also serves to provide ideas and direction for National Scout Organizations to enhance their educational programmes to offer more relevant, inclusive and engaging learning experiences for their members. 

Some of the ideas captured in the Roadmap to make Scouting more transformative, inclusive and innovative include: enhancing youth leadership training and learning opportunities; creating safe spaces to promote mental health and well-being; adopting new models for flexible volunteering; embracing digital education tools and technologies; and embedding education for sustainable development and global citizenship education into the Scouting programme.

The Roadmap was developed through an active and participatory process throughout the 4th World Scout Education Congress which brought together more than 500 thought leaders, educators, academics, and partners from across the Scout Movement and beyond to explore the latest trends and opportunities in youth education and youth development. 

The Roadmap for Education in Scouting will support the implementation of the next Strategy for Scouting which focuses strongly on educational innovation as a way to provide competency-based learning opportunities and programmes through digital and real-word solutions for young people around the world.

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