Are you passionate about Scouting? Would you like to contribute with your time, commitment and competence as a volunteer on World level? Then here is your opportunity!

At the World Scout Conference in August 2014, representatives from National Scout Organizations (NSOs) from all over the world decided what should be achieved by WOSM during the next three years leading up to the Conference in 2017. The work will be led by the World Scout Committee, with the support of a number of Working Groups.

You now have the opportunity to apply to be a member of one of these Working Groups, and help achieve what was set out. The work will be divided into a number of different areas — Youth Engagement, Education Methods, Diversity & Inclusion, Social Impact, External Relations, Communications, Strategy, and Governance & Finance. A wide range of skills and competencies are needed.

Interested? Please read the information in the Circular below, which contains more information and requirements, and then apply following the instructions. Note that all applicants must have the endorsement of their NSO. For NSO contact details, see

Circular (EN)
Circular (FR)

This is an Awesome opportunity for world scouts

I wanna got it!

I wanna got it!

This is awesome

This is an Awesome opportunity for every scout & us...

good i also want to do it

This was an awesome opportunity for world scouting

new why for youth scout

this is good opportunity

I want to get this volunteer opportunity


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Posted: 18/September/2014
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