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About Myself

Thanks for visiting my profile. I am just a guy living in Los Angeles with my family. My main interest are sports and the financial world. I have been interested in the financial field for a long time. I have been trading stocks since I was 22. Before the age of 22, I knew about the stock market but I never invested money in it for two reasons. Reason number one was that I did not make enough money to invest. I had a minimum wage job and could barely make ends meet. At the time, I was also attending law school and you know how it is. Law school took a significant amount of my time and working eight hours a day, I did not have the time or patience to follow the market. When I turned 22, I met a guy at a party. Actually, this was not a party. It was just a social gathering, or social event, if you will Anyway, his name was Simon and he showed me how to trade. I also follow the news a lot. I read financial news on Google and Yahoo every day. The one thing I do not like about the financial field would have to be all the deception. You have companies saying their financial situation is great, and two weeks later they go bankrupt. That’s not good.
As far as my professional life, I am a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. In case you have never heard of this field (which I doubt) I will explain. An injury lawyer is hired when someone is wronged and the responsible parties will not pay. For example, suppose you are driving down the street and another driver is driving in the wrong lane, causing an accident. Your car is severely damaged, and you have neck pain. Let us not worry about liability and assume the other party is completely liable. In an ideal situation, the responsible parties (the driver and their insurance carrier) would own up to their mistake and pay. However, unfortunately, it does not work that way. A lot of time, the driver has no money and no assets, so you cannot go after the driver personally. If you go after the insurance company, they will give you the run around. They will offer a low value. For instance, they might offer half of what your case is worth, if you are lucky. That’s where we come in. We will file lawsuits against the responsible parties to get compensation. Injury law doesn’t just cover car accidents. It covers bus accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents. Not only does it cover traffic accidents, it also covers premises liability. If you are walking inside a store and you fall due to slippery floors or another hazard, then you may have a claim against the store. As injury attorneys, these are the types of cases we deal with every day. Being in a diverse city like Los Angeles, you are bound to run into non-English speaking clients, and we use interpreters when we run into such client. A lot of Los Angeles car accident lawyers like http://www.losangelescaraccidentattorney.co/ speak Spanish and do not need an interpreter. In addition to individuals and private entities, the city and state are also entities that can be sued in an injury lawsuit. Los Angeles city and Los Angeles County have been sued many times before for things like defective roads and defective construction.
As far as what I do for fun, I like to go to the beach and just relax. I also play chess and soccer. I have tried playing basketball before but my arm got injured and I cannot play anymore. But I do like basketball too.


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