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I am the owner of ScentBit - fragrance & cologne reviews & shopping for scouts #scentbit #perfume #fragrance #cologne - contact me anytime, please! #buyperfumeonline http://scentbit.com/ #buyperfume #smell #fragranceshopping

How to choose a perfume: perfumer tips

Modern perfumery stores resemble supermarkets: a huge selection, a mixture of flavors in the air. It is difficult to dwell on one thing. But perfumers brought out a few rules, following which, you can minimize the error when choosing your fragrance.

· It’s better to go shopping “for a fresh nose”. Translated from the perfume slang, this means: not putting the perfume on yourself, and then, when the smell is not overloaded, for example, in the morning.

· The best time to choose perfumes is daylight. Then the brain is easier to distinguish flavors.

· No need to focus on the marketing legends of the fragrances, nor on their gender. It is important to trust your sense of smell.

· You can listen to several smells at a time, put the three most liked ones on a blotter (a special strip of paper), and only one - which you like the most - put on your wrist.

· Flavor can not be "customized": to rub, so that it opens faster. Alcohol should evaporate naturally, and for this it is necessary that the alcohol stain formed by spraying disappears. Only then can one listen to the aroma and distinguish, in addition to alcohol, his remaining notes.

· After that, it is necessary to move not to the cash register, but to the exit: the aroma should "sit down" on the skin and open up. This will not happen before 20 minutes

· In ideal conditions (to which, for example, rush purchases during travels do not apply), the aroma must be put on the usual places: neck, clothes or clavicle - and walk around with it all day. So you can understand what his density, stability and diffusion (loop): it happens that the aromas sound "quiet", but they keep for hours, and there are "loud" aromas that disappear instantly. Trying allows you to understand what type of aroma is and whether its properties are suitable for the person who buys it.

· It happens that the fragrance "strangles" the owner. No mysticism, purely physiological reaction: allergy or vasospasm. It happens, people can lose consciousness. If the perfumery composition is like, but has a suffocating temper, then it can be neutralized by applying a scent on the back, between the shoulder blades. This option is especially good in summer, at the time of open sundresses.

· Not all perfumes are built on the principle of an olfactory pyramid and are gradually revealed: some are panoramic, that is, they do not change their character on the skin over time. You need to keep this in mind when choosing perfumes, so as not to deceive your own expectations.

· It is best to wear the fragrance at the points where the blood vessels are located close to the skin: near the jugular vein, at the folds of the wrists, elbows and knees, on the shoulders.

· Fragrances are best kept on well-moisturized skin. Manufacturers are aware of this and therefore often produce a series of additional skin care products for fragrance. No marketing: it helps the perfume to leave a more resistant plume.

· It is better to spray fresh transparent aromas on clothes: jacket lining, inside of blouses. This will save, for example, transparent musks from quick “burnout”, to which they are prone to heat. But the heavy resinous aromas, on the contrary, are good on skin in winter: they have a warming effect.

· Some notes in fragrances work in a very definite way: for example, lavender is soothing, coffee stimulates the instincts of shopaholics, vanilla acts soothingly, and cherry makes the interlocutor more compliant.

· Those who smoke, it makes sense to choose aromas with notes of leather and tobacco: they are organically mixed with the tobacco smell emanating from the smoker, and give it a special charm.

· The conventional wisdom that if the fragrance is heard only for the first few minutes and then not felt, it means that it is ideally suited to the owner, is mistaken. The aroma should be fun - that's his main task. And if a person stops hearing the smell on himself, this means that the olfactory adaptation mechanism is activated: the body simply blocks the notes as tiring, so as not to overload the brain. This is not a problem if you are satisfied with the owner of the perfume.

5 secrets of perfume selection

1. There is a wrong opinion that if the fragrance ceases to be felt after application, it is definitely “your” smell. This is not true. If you stop hearing the smell after application, then your body protects you from tiring odors, so as not to overload the olfactory system.

2. If you are thinking how to choose a perfume, then it is best done in the morning when the brain is not overloaded with other smells. During one trip to the store, you can listen to several flavors, put the three most liked ones on the tester and only one - which you like the most - put on your wrist.

3. Perfumers are advised to apply fragrance to certain “hot” points on the body. These include the area around the neck near the arteries, wrists, elbows, knees and shoulders.

4. It happens that after applying the fragrance "strangles." This is a physiological reaction: an allergy or vasospasm. If you really like the scent, but it is too much, you can use a trick - put it on the area between the shoulder blades.

5. A lot of people, after applying the fragrance, begin to rub it. It is not right. Alcohol should evaporate naturally - it is necessary that the stain from spraying the perfume should completely disappear. Only then, after about 20 minutes, you can listen to the aroma and discern its remaining notes.

How do perfumes differ from each other: how to choose your perfume fragrance

High-quality eau de toilette differs from cheap imitations by two factors: the length with which it remains on the body and clothing, and the presence of several levels of odors in one bottle that are not immediately available to avoid confusion. This can be achieved only with the use of a special production technology, thanks to which the plume disappears not immediately, but gradually. Thus, a quality product consists of separate blocks that are organically combined and do not interfere with each other. Such blocks are called “notes” and are clearly classified.

How notes are placed in a common pyramid

1) The initial (top) note. This smell is felt first both by you and by those around you. Often this is the most pronounced component, fresh and memorable. The duration of the action is only 15 minutes, after which this part will disappear, allowing the next, deeper to appear. Standard flavors: citrus volatile oils, coriander, rosemary or rosewood.
2) Heart (average). Proceeding from the name it is clear that this segment is perceived by the creator as the main one, as the meaning of the entire composition of the perfume. Components are usually resistant, woody or floral, lasting a couple of hours after the initial weathering. Standard representatives: jasmine, verbena, geranium or pink essence.
3) Basic (lower). This is what remains with you for almost a full day (10-15 hours). In a quality toilet water base pay more attention. In order to keep the scent, the most persistent of the natural ones form the basis of the bottom note: vanilla, sandalwood, sage, and oak moss. Even animal veins such as amber, musk and cybeta are not excluded.

With this knowledge, it will be easier to understand exactly what you want from your ideal bouquet. Understanding how to choose the right perfume for yourself will come by itself. The main thing is to understand what kind of smell you want to wear for a long time, and which one you don't want to feel for more than an hour or two.

From the very moment of their invention, perfumes are presented to the consumer in elegant bottles - these works of art often cost much more than the liquid itself. And if the original technologies were too expensive and imperfect, then with the development of the modern world in the perfume community a tradition has taken root to associate the color of water and the direction of the composition - this is a signal to the potential target audience.

Thanks to this unspoken rule, any woman can understand how to choose the perfume for themselves, focusing on its color. Here are some examples of how a manufacturer gives you a signal:

* lilac, violet and pink tones signal that the bouquet is suitable for young girls for romantic meetings or modest everyday wear;
* deep blue and purple tones indicate that the aroma is strong and in a good way heavy, slowly weathered and suitable for adult women for evening receptions;
* red color speaks of warmth and sexuality, often such bouquets give sweetness or spices;
* Eau de toilette green is easy, unobtrusive citrus, mint or herbal smells, great for everyday wear for women of all ages.

When thinking about how to choose the right perfume or perfume, do not forget about your companion, if he accompanies you. The choice of toilet water for men is no less wide than that of women. Few people pay attention to the compatibility of the flavors of the satellites, but the couple who do this will be the undoubted highlight of any event.

What perfume or toilet water to choose without making a mistake with the type

People who are not interested in perfumery may think that all the words that are used by women and men’s fragrances are just synonyms, one way or another, that have taken root in different countries and cultures, and now are simply used in parallel. It is a big mistake to think so, and the manufacturer writes the name on the package based not on his own will, but only from the composition.

1) Perfume (the French word parfum is translated in this way) is the most expensive type. They have the highest level of concentration, 20-30%, which allows such products to be effective in cold seasons and relevant at evening events. The last, lower notes are most pronounced - they are kept skillfully, as they are designed for considerable time. Their disadvantage is that it is not recommended to wear them in hot weather or early in the morning. Strong bouquets in such conditions will be unpleasant to you and others.

2) Eau de toilette is a light, daily version of perfume. Suitable for use in hot weather, as it does not reach the heavy lower chords, while remaining on the upper and middle. It disappears quickly, but toilet water is designed for several applications during the day. Concentration of only 6-10%, suitable for everyday use. How to choose toilet water for yourself - imagine the aroma that you want to feel with pleasure on yourself even in the most sultry weather or indoors, this would be an ideal option.

3) Eau de Parfum is a cross between toilet water and perfume concentration (15-20%). Designed for daytime use, lasts 5-7 hours. It is clearly expressed "heart", it is the average chords last longer than anyone else. Overdoing with it is not worth it - attempts to apply such a product several times will not give the desired result, but only spoil the successive steps.

4) Cologne - the easiest type. Mostly used by men, but women's cologne exists too, it is used at work, on trips, in very hot weather. Cologne concentration - 3-5%.

What to choose - toilet water or perfume water? If you can not decide, pay attention to the oil means. Usually, the share in such cosmetics for the body (including body lotion, oil or facial skin care products) is small, but it feels bright, although not for long - a large surface is applied. Oil products rarely have heavy, persistent odors. This is usually citrus, fresh notes.

Perfumery is closely related to time. The use of, for example, evening compositions is unacceptable in the morning - you will look like a person who did not get rid of yesterday's toilet. In everyday life, light bouquets are preferable, which will not prevent you from working productively or fully relaxing, not annoying those around you with too heavy or sweet flair, clearly intended for a public evening event. To preserve the naturalness of your everyday look, choose citrus, forest, fresh or slightly spicy smells.

For an evening out (this may be a trip to the theater, a concert, a buffet or film screenings), any real compositions with a strongly pronounced "base" and a concentration of 20-30% should be suitable. Use any option, no matter how tightly he would hold on - at an evening event, far from everyday affairs, it is permissible. Choose deep floral, woody chords.

How to choose the aroma of perfume for yourself, if today you are waiting for dinner in a restaurant? It all depends on your company. At a romantic dinner with your loved one, you can allow yourself to have a spicy, sweet and spicy bouquet of flowers - vanilla, rose, fruit notes and spices. But at a dinner with business partners or family such a veil would be inappropriate. Depending on the importance of the situation for you personally, make a choice between everyday and evening deep bouquet.

How to choose a perfume for the season

Alas, the peculiarities of weather conditions and seasons also dictate their own conditions to the perfumery fashion. The weather directly affects how long your product will last and what it will turn into under conditions of high humidity or, conversely, intolerable heat.

In winter, any option will erode faster - so the cold acts on it. To make sure that your favorite product does not disappear quickly, in the morning give preference to strong aromas. Sandalwood and rose, noble nutmeg will do - all of these are tart and warm chords, which will come just in time for the cold.

In warm periods, everything is diametrically opposite. You will have to think about how to choose the right perfume for yourself and not interfere with these people around you. Your favorite sweet smells of flowers or spices can be spoiled by heat beyond recognition. Everything harsh at first and strong with time, on the bottom note, will be too heavy for a hot day. In this weather, you have to use a lot of hygiene products, the veil of which sometimes mixes with the composition in a very unpleasant duet. For stuffy hours in the office, use refreshing options - mint, herbal, citrus. Everything that exudes freshness will do.

How to find and find your perfume fragrance

Not every woman has experience in the selection of perfumes. Finding the perfect creation is a whole art and there is nothing wrong with not owning it perfectly. But this skill will not be superfluous, it will be useful for creating a harmonious image under any circumstances.

If you are seriously thinking about how to choose a flavor for yourself, do it live. Find a profile store in the city and find out everything necessary for you - this is very convenient, because in any such salon there is a sales consultant who will be happy to help with advice.

* Before asking for advice, listen "blindly" without knowing the age category, gender recommendations, and the big name of the manufacturer. Trust your taste.
* For the day you will perceive only 3-4 options. Ask a consultant to bring those perfumes that best fit your preferences, and choose from them. You can put the ones you like the most on a special blotter (a thick strip of paper), but only one - on the wrist.
* Do not rub the liquid into the skin - so you do not accelerate the process, only spoil the impression.
* Spray the cloud over yourself. This is how a special “train” is formed, imitating the natural spread of veil around you to the maximum.
* Do not inhale the aroma deeply and all at once. In this case, satiety will come, you will quickly lose the sharpness of the smell, and further fitting will be ruined until the next day.

Take the time, if you do not know how to choose the right perfume for yourself, especially if you do it for the first time. You should not take the first available, if you do not already distinguish between thin notes - it is better to postpone the visit until tomorrow.

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