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My name is Max Pregily, I love football and games, I recommend to visit my project - Pregily.com - http://pregily.com/ (all about pregnancy pillows) #pregily #pregilycom #pregnancypillows #pregilypillows #pregilybestpillows

Pillow for pregnant women (http://pregnancer.com/) - so convenient and useful thing that she should devote a separate post. After all, it helps to make the sleep of a pregnant woman undisturbed, helps during feeding and makes the mother's life more comfortable and joyful. You can use it in a sitting, lying, side, and in any of these options, it will give you comfort and relaxation. How exactly to use a pillow for pregnant women, we will tell in this article.

Not everyone understands: why do we need a special pillow for pregnant women, if you can continue to sleep on an ordinary one. Many experts say that a woman during pregnancy needs a specially designed pillow, which has many advantages and has various fillers. How to sleep on a pillow for pregnant women:

* Applying a pillow A pillow is useful after giving birth. You can lie on it and feed the baby, it can be used as a barrier to crumbs or a kind of playpen. The pillow will save the child from accidental fall from the bed or improper inversion.
* The product is suitable for any period of pregnancy.
* The pillow allows you to evenly distribute the load on the spine.
* The pillow can be put under the belly, thus reducing its severity. It does not interfere, as a normal product.
* You can stretch your legs on it after a long walk.
* Reduces the load on the woman's body. Especially this product is important from 2 trimester, when the load increases to the maximum.
* The product allows you to find a comfortable position to rest during the day and rest at night.

Best Pillow Reviews (http://pregily.com/):


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Those girls who for the first time use a pillow for pregnant women are faced with a problem: how to sleep on it correctly. Their unusual shape can cause confusion. But unusual sensations pass after the first night of use. In order for a woman to fully relax on the attribute, you must follow the following recommendations:

* Pillow for children With the product you need to experiment, expand it, adjust to different parts of the body. It is necessary to achieve the most comfortable option for sleep. If you cannot use the product yourself, then on the Internet you can watch a video on how to use the pillow correctly.
* Before you go to rest with a new attribute, you need to check its versatility. The pillow can be folded and twisted in different directions to see how elastic and elastic it is.
* The product can be used not only at night, but during the day. The pillow should be placed under the back in order to relieve the spine and relax tense joints and muscles.
* You can tell your gynecologist about your new purchase, he will advise you to take the most comfortable position for sleep, which corresponds to a specific period of pregnancy.
* This attribute will be used after the birth of the baby. For feeding the product, you can put it next to you or wrap it around your body. One edge should be placed under the back, and the other - on top of your knees. At this position, the spine will be unloaded, and the shoulder and cervical region will rest.
* Pillow helps to free your hands when feeding a baby. It gives the opportunity to shift it on a soft feather from one breast to another.

1. The pillow helps to take a comfortable position during sleep.

All pregnant women face the same difficulty. When the tummy begins to round, it becomes more difficult to take a comfortable position for sleeping. What only do not come up with future mothers to solve this problem. They put a twisted blanket under the tummy. Lined with pillows. Even throw a leg over her husband to fall asleep in comfort. But all these options, of course, are not the solution to the problem. And restful sleep, unfortunately, is not available to all pregnant. But it is worth using a pillow for pregnant women, how this problem is solved.

After all, the u-shaped pillow for pregnant women was created specifically to help expectant mothers. Getting ready for bed, stretch the pillow along your entire body, put it under your tummy, hug and enjoy a comfortable, peaceful sleep.

2. Unloads his back in moments of rest.

Starting from the second trimester of pregnancy, every woman is experiencing usual physical activities. Sometimes it bothers the back, neck, lower back. I want to rest, sit or lie more often. In order to take a comfortable position on a sofa or on a chair, place a horseshoe for pregnant women under the back pillow. It will help you to relax, to spend time comfortably in comfort.

Watch your favorite movies, pay tea, do needlework or shop online - a pillow will help you forget about discomfort and gain strength.

3. Rescues in moments of feeding.

When the baby is born, the pillow for pregnant women does not lose its relevance. Do not rush to remove it to the far shelf. After all, she is a great helper for nursing mothers. Preparing to feed your baby, put a pillow under your lower back and clasp your waist with it. This way you can take a comfortable position for feeding. Your back will relax, and your hands will lie on the pillow and will not get numb.

4. Protects the baby from falling.

Kids grow up very quickly and strive to master the space. Having barely learned to roll over on the tummy, they are already striving to move on. And often it can lead to falling out of bed! Pillow for pregnant and lactating can serve as a side guard against accidental falling to the floor. Its use is safe and will not bring any discomfort to the crumbs. After all, there are no sharp corners, no solid parts in the pillow. And the fabric from which it is sewn is pleasant to the touch and hypoallergenic. Suitable even for the delicate skin of babies.

5. Pillow will be everywhere with you.

You only need to use the pillow for pregnant women once, as you do not want to part with it. And this will not have to do. After all, a convenient compact handbag will allow you to take your favorite pillow everywhere! On a visit, on a trip, even to the maternity hospital - a pillow for pregnant women can travel with you to any place and ensure you maximum comfort and coziness, like at home!

6. Can serve as an accessory for a photo shoot.

Thanks to the original form and stylish colors, pillows for pregnant women can decorate any photo shoot. If you plan to capture the wonderful time of waiting for the baby, use a pillow for pregnant women u. It will look unusual in the photo, it will emphasize your status of the future mother and help you relax while shooting. A large selection of pillow colors on our website will help you choose your ideal pillow that will complement your image at a photo shoot.

Also, the maternity and nursing pillow will be a great accessory for the first photo shoot of a newborn. From it you can easily make a cozy nest, where the baby will be nice and calm. Thus, the photographer will be able to capture the newborn baby in a calm familiar environment.

7. Like everyone.

Pillow for pregnant women created specifically for expectant mothers. But barely appearing in the house, she captures the attention of all family members. Both kids and grown-up kids love her. They relax, read, dream, and even sleep in an embrace with a pillow.

Thus, such a thing will become the beloved assistant of the whole family and will serve you for the joy of many years.

A few words more about pregnancy pillows:

Pillows to improve the quality of a night's rest during pregnancy. In such conditions, it is difficult to fully relax, so doctors advise you to take a comfortable position, using several pillows that can be placed under your head, stomach, lower back, and between your knees. Their number can be unlimited, but in today's conditions it is enough to purchase one functional product that will effectively replace everything at once. Using a pillow for pregnant women is quite simple, the main thing is to competently approach the solution and choose the ideal option for yourself. Appointment and features of additional accessories for sleep A special pillow can be of great help to a pregnant woman: relieve the load on the body, relieving tension and pain from the legs, lower back, back, neck; evenly distribute the load on the spine; restore blood circulation and eliminate swelling of the extremities; find the correct and most comfortable posture for relaxing, watching TV, eating, reading and sleeping. Being a multifunctional product, a pillow for sleep is useful not only during pregnancy, but also after the birth of a baby. Pillows for pregnant women and breastfeeding With its help, it will be possible to: organize breastfeeding, reducing the load on the muscles of the back and arms; to equip the area for games and recreation of the infant; teach your baby to roll over, hold his head, sit, etc. Eliminating the physiological factors of sleep disorders and rest, you can get rid of psycho-emotional causes.

More info:

https://www.feedsfloor.com/profile/pregily / https://www.feedsfloor.com/parenting/top-rated-pregnancy-pillows-2019-ch...
https://www.scout.org/user/2689221 / https://www.scout.org/user/170576
https://audioboom.com/users/5327821 / https://audioboom.com/EssayMaxi

Advice for women in position

Clear instructions on how to properly use a pillow for pregnant women do not exist. Suitable postures for rest and proper sleep are selected during the operation using an experimental method. Manufacturers are advised to follow a number of simple rules in order to experience the benefits of the acquisition on the very first night.

Create a support for the neck. An additional roller, which is present in most products, should be placed under the head. This will reduce the load on the upper vertebrae, and relieve the shoulders from pain and tension.

Provide support to the fetus. Sleep disturbance in the last months of pregnancy due to the impressive size of the abdomen and the motor activity of the child. During this period, it becomes uncomfortable to lie even on its side. To eliminate the severity and get rid of unpleasant sensations, you can put a side surface of the pillow under your back or stomach.

Reduce the load on the joints. When edema of the lower extremities shows the elimination of tension in this area. It can still help the same pillow, or rather its specific part. Its convenient location between the legs will improve blood flow and relieve dangerous symptoms.

Unload the spine. Properly distribute the load will help the side roller, placed under the back. It not only relieves stress, but also prevents the change in the position of a sleeping woman.

Other applications

The pillow for pregnant women is beneficial not only during the gestation period, but also after the birth of the baby, during its growth and further development.

Pillows for pregnant women: types of pillows

There are many options for using the accessory that can facilitate the daily life of a mother and child. You can feed the broom by placing it on a pillow, which is placed in such a way that one part is on your knees and the other supports the back of the mother. This will help to free her hands, not tearing the child from the breast. To ensure the safety of the baby during rest, it is advisable to place it in the inner space of the pillow, as in a “cradle”. It will be convenient for the child who has not yet learned to sit inside the product to be inside the product, as if in a chair, and already a little grown up - to take his first steps. For the mom, who is busy with her own business, the pillow will become a reliable barrier that will save the baby from falling from the sofa or bed.

For older children, the pillow will become a functional subject, especially for problems with the spine. He can be in it while relaxing, eating or watching TV.

Tip! Universal accessory designed for pregnant women and infants, can be an indispensable tool for adult family members. Creating a special comfort during sleep, the pad allows you to relax the body and eliminate muscle stiffness and tension. Its use by people of middle and old age is justified if there are any problems of the following nature: prolonged sleep and inability to rest on a regular bed; morning discomfort in the cervical spine; diseases of the musculoskeletal system; disorders of cerebral circulation.

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