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The start of payday loans was actually in the nineteenth century, called salary lenders. This form of lending was not exactly legal, but provided small amount loans to those in need. In the nineteenth century, society frowned upon those who need a small loan, citing that the person was unable to manage a budget. This led banks to not wanting to lend out these loans, so the people in need of the funds had to resort to a salary lender. The salary lender had the borrower fill out a contract, which was not binding, although, most borrowers http://www.pay-dayloans.com.au/ would not know that.

Watch out for late fees

Then the money would be lent. When a borrower failed to pay the loan and the high interest rate on time, the pay day loan lender would go to the person's place of work and talk to the boss. Many companies and employers would fire an employee that was in debt, so the threat of reporting to the person's employer, typically got the borrower to pay up. During this time it was easy for these salary lenders to bribe payroll persons to get information, such as paydays and how much the person makes. These salary lenders would also stand outside a defaulter's home, and shout about the loan being owed and the lack of payment, a person's reputation was one of the most important things they had in this time. Finally, these salary lenders would threaten the borrower with legal action, although the loan and contract were not valid, but a majority of people were ignorant of the laws, and would immediately pay the loan.

These loans are the beginning of the instant payday loans of today. Of course, they will not shout in the treats, if you fail to repay the loan, they will however, seek http://consumeraction.org.au legal action if need be. The online loan contracts differ in that, they are legal and binding. The process of the nineteenth century salary lenders, and that of the payday lenders is very much the same. A small amount is loaned to the person in need of money, with the expectation that the loan and the interest or finance charges, will be repaid on the borrower's next payday. The finance and interest rate charges from then can only be speculated, but one could guess they were considerably higher than that of the bad credit loans of today. Today, the payday advances are not shameful, or illegal, and are a method to secure money that is needed between paydays.

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