Youth for Change - Modules

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Youth for Change - Modules

This resource compiles all the session outlines for the Youth for Change modules, a series of capacity building workshops focused on the themes of Intergenerational Dialogue, Youth Involvement in Decision-Making, Skills for Life, and Youth Changing Communities. The general aim of the sessions and workshop on Youth for Change is to contribute for the implementation of the Vision of youth involvement in decision making as adopted during the 39th World Scout Conference (Brazil, 2011): Young people are empowered to develop their capacities for making decisions that affect their lives; and engage in decision-making in the groups and institutions in which they are involved, so that they actively contribute to creating a better world. By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Understand the importance of Youth involvement in decision making
  • Understand the importance of elements which help youth empowerment
  • Be ready to implement Youth involvement at Group level, Institutional level and even outside of Scouting in the community.

To view the complete collection of resources on the Y4C Modules, click here: Y4C Dropbox Folder.

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