Youth Wall and Youth Advisors go live!

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Аватар пользователя Youth Wall
from Switzerland, 6 лет назад

We have an exciting announcement for you - did you know that Youth Wall ( and Facebook) is in the hands of the six Youth Advisors who have been elected to the Forum of the World Scout Youth in Slovenia in August?

This means that we will be available to share whatever we can with you, hear your ideas and answer any questions you may have. This is our first step towards more involvement and accessibility in what we do, and we would like your opinion on what we could accomplish.

Every two months, the primary responsibility for Youth Wall will rotate between Youth Advisors. First up is Máire - so make sure you leave a comment, say hello, or share what the youth of our movement in your country or region are doing :)


Аватар пользователя Maire Fitzgerald

Really excited about this!

Аватар пользователя พรศิลป อินทเคหะ

I wish you success.

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