Strengthening the roots


Strengthening the roots

The Scout Association of Macedonia in the past 3 years in cooperation with the Messengers of Peace and several International development agencies has significantly increased the capacity on national level with establishing of strong office, sustainable and dynamic program and 11 new scout groups on local level reaching to the point of the development of the association in the early 90’s.

The goal of this project was to build the capacities of the local scout groups (25) in Macedonia to act as sustainable cores in their communities by engaging young people and adults to contribute in the development of their society.

Through the implementation of the project the Scout groups on local level have developed effective management and governance with clear and specific strategy for the next 3 years in line with the strategy of the association.

Thanks to the activities of the project the Scout groups on local level mobiles and organize minimum 274 members (12% growth) with retention less than 10%.

This project also helped the Scout groups on local level to build strategic partners with the local institutions and build partnerships.

We are confident that the archived results from the project will create long lasting impact that will be surly measurable advisable in two years period.

The project have created a strategic path for the scout groups that will overreach this period and the strengthen capacity will determent the shape of the local picture of the scout movement in Macedonia.

We believe that the follow up activities from this project will be still in implementation in two year period since they are naturally in synergy of the daily base operations.


Аватар пользователя Scout Association of Macedonia
from North Macedonia, 2 года назад

Project Period

Started On
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Ended On
Thursday, February 1, 2018

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