2017 World Water Day ,WSEP & MoP in Taiwan!

The main topic of 2017 World Water Day is “Wastewater”. Because of the shortage and the unequally distribution of usable water worldwide, the need of educating children and teenagers for protecting/well-treating water source is indispensable. Hsinchu City Sun-Fun Scouts Group, a community-based scout group, will take a real action and have a green conservation campaign on the World Water Day (March 19, 2017). Giving “green” back to the earth by planting trees is the most environmental friendly way. The topic of the World Water Day campaign is “wastewater- production, prevention, investigation, and recycling”. More than 200 scouts and volunteers will participate this program, and more than 150 native trees will be planted at that day to achieve the goal of “one scout one tree”.

Water reuse and water recycle to reduce wastewater production played an important role for water resource management. The 2017 World Water Day campaign will be held at an abandoned agricultural field. Five themes of water-related program, “water droplet”, “water pollution”, “water purification”, “water quality”, and “outdoor ethics” will be conducted at this agricultural field. The objectives of this program are:

1) Scouts will know how important fresh water source to human; to make scouts aware of efficiently water usage for the further.
2) Scouts will learn knowledges of wastewater treatment, wastewater quality evaluation, and water recycling; in addition, to realize the impact of water pollution to ecosystem.
3) Scouts will understand and recognize the native trees of Taiwan, in particular the types commonly distribute in school, community, parks and villages.
4) Scouts will learn that how planting trees help the earth to reduce the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; scouts will know why planting trees play the important role in the earth.
5) Scouts will learn from practice to plant trees, to take good care of trees, and to treasure the livings in their lives.
6) Scouts will know how the abandoned field is activated by planting trees and vegetables.

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Аватар пользователя Umit Savas Baran

excellent. We woıld like to see you on world water day map

Аватар пользователя Umit Savas Baran

I propose to your scouts became water droplens and travel on WATER Cycle
Some time ago (last year) I made a UN FAO YUNGA challenge and played Bean game with those 1-4 grades. I think that this my fifth performance I made the first one on energy theme with preschool kids. Later I ask them to pretend a water drop and voyage with me on Water cycle. ,on every place of the cycle I made some act related to water drops. Thwy Mde a circle around me. Fİrst I call slogans on savig water and they oriented to walk around me in thi circle.Then I strted to saqty where we are ( lake and wat we aere doing with q mocement actibh like sun basthng)we srarted more acts after movements like wed from a lake (I act like sun bathing) . moved to an aquaduct (I act like diving) came a water spring (I act like jumping and making X) flowed to a little creak(I act like swimming) . On each act they followed me ,in circle ( you may stay in the center or in the circe.). Met with water drops from other creeks ( everybody make Handshake with others). On a harsh river ( move like running). Passed waterfall (Jump jump). Go smoothly on a prairie. ( just walking). We came to a wetland ( Ask them which animals birds live there) they love to act like those animals with them. frogs turtles birds snakes and came to a delta. We begin to met with fish and water drops with salty coats. They gave us salty coats( act like putting a coat on) we played like several fish, octopuses etc. We saw Ships(Whistle like ships) Heard their noises. we saw fishers ( Act like catching fish) We came surface of water and vaporized. Go up as a vapor like flying birds. Reached the clouds. Soon there was a cold breeze again (act like trembling) we turned to rain drops Some get more cold freezing and became snow. We landed different places mountain tops, forests, prairies, done good things. Telling what we done in short phrases and children repeat. Some bad things too flood, flash flood, cyclones and caused erosion. Now we are on the lake we started. If you lay it with children on your workshops please video and post on you tube for world environment day. It you do that to celebrate WORLD WATER DAY please tag it #yungaturkiye on your social mediğa to share with a photo or video. Thanks in advance

Аватар пользователя taiwansunfun
from Scouts of China, 4 года назад

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