Now I found s new approach to promote UN FAO YUNGA challenges specially Forast Challenge page. To achievee this I wrote following and illustrated it with photos. Here it is . Time to time I listen rap May be some one sing it and post it on Youtube. Not all just a part of it. I welcome any change on lyrics too,
My friend. Visit YUNGA web
Download the book called Forest.
Read it if you have time .
You know all anyway
Take your scouts
To a hike there
Collect objects from Nature
Dry leaves Acorns
Other seeds
Peaces everywhere
Make a collage out of them. A.01
Listen the forest A.23
Early in the morning
Find voices of
Waking up of habitants
Learn how old is your tree A.07
Tell Them What is a forest
What is the use of it
Lungs of the world
Keeps our water
Make the climate batter
Erect your tents
Write notes about forest
Ask “Q”s to them Get “A”s from them
To make a forest report B.01
I am sure you have
And your scouts know it
Safety in forest B.04
Who keeps this forest
Find one ask him
How to be a forest warden
If you can’t find him
Search him on the internet B.06
Storm the brains
Find What is the use
Of this Eden
Make the list
Find a photo for each
And make a card game
With your collection B.07
Who is your hero
Who planted
Ten thousand tree
Find him. Applaud him C.01
Make a safe campfire.
Sure you done it many times
May be last month or so ,
It counts as Charlie dot twoo
Make simple gadgets
Ask them to make
A woggle or a whistle
Remember they done
The one they made
in Their last camp C.10
You are scouts play games C.03
Mask a with tree
Invent Games, sports C.07
Sing with the forest.C.09
Make your scouting
As you wish C.05
All are OK.
If you done recently
You know
Forests in Danger
You know
Forests are under Treat
On the way back Make posters
Exhibit in your school
Make your people know D.01
Give them forest pics
,From all over the world
Ask them to select a favorite
Ask them Why they like it
Ask them to Make a poster
With their answer D.07
Now Celebrate
And make people aware
With a forest Fete E.01
Plant a tree, E.02
May be you done it
Clean up before you return E.03
Take things to recycle E.07
Back the home
Now You a Hero
Post all these on YUNGA web
To make The sisters and brothers to know
Became a YUNGA tribe
Give them the Certificates
Make all of your youth know it
I wrote it
For my friends. May be
Someone sings
Rap from a part
If you do that let me know
Mrs and Mr U. Savas Baran

You should not see this


Аватар пользователя Umit Savas Baran (137)

I have no idea of wtiting rap songs and singing them
I kust tried to do it please comment

Аватар пользователя Umit Savas Baran (137)
from Turkey, 3 года назад




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