Climate Action for Peace

Are you interested in #ClimateAction and #Peaceculture? Do you want to find out how you can promote a culture of peace? If so, join us as we celebrate the International Day of Peace and take part in fun and exciting activities and actions with your Scout group, friends, family, or community members!

Why should I take action to sustain the culture of peace and create a better environment?

Climate change is one of the greatest threats we are facing now. As we are the leaders of positive change, we need to raise environmental awareness, collaborate with others, and take action. It doesn't matter how small your actions are, what matters the most is the impact!

For whom is this for?

This kit is for Scouts and non-Scouts of any age. So, what are you waiting for? Invite your friends to join you!

When can I start?

You can start now! Let's show the world that we can change it for the better. Whether you are contributing as an individual or a group, this kit will definitely be useful to you.

Here are some simple actions you can take this International Day of Peace:

  • Invite a friend to initiate a tree planting project with you
  • Share with your neighbours the ways to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle
  • Share with your Scout group three ways you can take action for the climate
  • Create an awareness campaign on climate change and its impact on the planet
  • Create handicrafts from recycled materials
  • Bring your own water bottle
  • Say no to straws
  • Share on social media how you are contributing to the peace culture by taking action for the climate and using the hashtag, #ScoutsForClimateAction
  • Go on a zero emission trip during the weekend
  • Have a discussion with your community members about the strong relation between a strong peaceful environment and taking action for the climate

    Ways to promote the International Day of Peace

    Start sharing and using the kit

    Start organising activities every weekend from now until 21 September

    Share your actions and stories on social media


    Discover the Sustainable Development Goals

    Discover more actions that you can take to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals at!

    Interested in education for sustainable development and active citizenship? Visit the Better World Framework webpage to know more about the global educational initiative and how you can be a part of it. 
    To know more about the official UN celebration of the International Day of Peace, please visit

    Notes for facilitators

    • As far as possible, adopt a sustainable approach when conducting activities, e.g. laminate the printed materials so that they can be reused, use digital versions, etc.
    • Adapt activities according to different age sections
    • You may refer to the links for more information and use them as supporting resources
    • Try to make the activity more interactive and engaging by including more discussions and practical methods instead of just giving information
    • Link the activities and discussions with the local issues in the community and let the participants reflect on how they can help to solve them
    Activity 1 : Step-by-step for Success

    This activity helps young people to understand the project cycle and relate its phases to specific projects they have taken part in. 

    The main focus of the activity is to enhance their knowledge about the phases of a project, reflect on the need to take the initiative (leadership) and pursue teamwork (human resources mobilisation). Also, this contributes to a better understanding of time and resources management (planning and budgeting). 

    Activity 2 : Navigate the Peacebuilding Map

    This activity aims to introduce the elements of the Peacebuilding Map using the escalation and de-escalation pyramid to help Scouts to better understand how conflict arises and ways to explore a possible conflict settlement, resolution, and transformation.

    Activity 3: Discovering Nature with the Seek App

    The activity will present the new iNaturalist app that can be used by Scouts to learn more about biodiversity.

    Activity 4: How long until it is gone?

    Understanding the different types of plastic and how long they remain in the sea 

    Activity 5: Be a Safe From Harm Champion

    Discover the impact of bullying around the world through diverse campaign posters displayed on the wall during the exhibition. By looking at the posters, each Scout will discover the shocking figures and how different countries deal with bullying, create awareness and go about preventing it. After looking at the posters, Scouts can create their own campaign against bullying on a sheet of paper and hang them on the wall.

    Activity 6: Your eco-friendly life

    This activity focuses on the sustainability aspect on the personal level and the daily personal habits. Inspired by the SCENES criteria, the participants start to reflect on their daily waste management practices and suggest ways to lead a greener life. The aim of the activity is to discover the sustainable daily habits and practices.


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