Scouting Ship 2015


Scouting Ship 2015

ScoutingShip- is one of the ideas which was created during a meeting of scouts in Germany in Berlin in November 2014 year. And after nine months , that idea become in reality: from 2 to 9 August, twelve scouts from Russia, Ukraine and Germany met in Rostock to collect all their experience together and make a project where scouts from different countries will try themselves in sailing and other attractions.
A delegation from the National Organization of the scouts of Ukraine wich include three experienced scouts decided to participate in this event. Carefully prepared to that tour our scouts begin their journey to Germany. Boys overcame exhausting road, passing on their way cities such as Gdansk, Warsaw, Berlin, in order to reach a certain goal - the port city of Rostock.
During the 3 days of travelling through the open Baltic Sea, our scouts visit three countries, nine times raise and low the sails, moor in four harbors , view unforgettable sunsets, three times to meet the dawn, meet countless experienced sailors and much more.
Since on arrival back to the city of Rostock, and a bit of a rest from swimming, participants began the second stage of their meeting – writing Scouting Ship 2017. For the last 3 days rovers team managed to completely qrite the all stages of the project, to determine the number of participants and the main aim project in 2017, make notes for future Programs event, to distribute responsibilities and define the role of each participant in the organization of the project .

That trip will forever remain in the hearts of our rovers. After all, they have overcome more than 3400 km to attend the organization of this project, and successfully return home. Through participation in this project, they felt the taste unforgettable adventure, accumulated vast experience in organizing international projects, enhanced skills in English, experienced in sailing themselves and made an incredible contribution to the development of Scouting Ship2017.

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from Ukraine, 5 years ago

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Saturday, August 1, 2015
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Monday, August 10, 2015



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