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Учебное пособие

Scouts Australia Pen-Pal Application Request Format

2. Июл 2013

Original author: Scouts Australia - International Pen-Pals, Australia

This is a tutorial about what to write in the email while requesting a Pen-Pal from Scouts Australia .

Open your email account and begin composing a new mail
Type in the " TO" address the following email address:

Add an appropriate subject to your email
In the Subject line make sure you write using the following format

Name - Country- Pen-pal Application

For example :

Subject: John W. Smith - Wonderland-Pen-Pal Application

Copy paste the following text into the body of the email
Dear Pen-Pal Coordinator, Scouts Australia,
I would like to become a Pen-pal with an Australian scout, here are my details :

1. My Full Name: ___________
2. Age (for individual) or Scouting Position (for leaders) Details:___________
3.... My Country Scout-Membership No:___________
4. My Group Name:___________
5. My Group Addess:___________
6 My Phone Number/s:___________
7. My Email Address:___________
8. I Can Speak these languages:___________

( Please fast track my application using the following information for verifying me )

Name of the Scout Organisation Details in my country you can contact to verify my details:

2. Their Email Address :___________

3. Website Details:___________

4. Contact Person ( Leaders, Scout Staff etc):___________

Thank you,

(Your Name)

Fill all the fields
Remove the blank lines and type in your details one by one .

Last Step: Click Send
Make sure all the details are filled . Now, send that email to us , you are done. When we receive your application, we will acknowledge it and initiate the process of verification. All the best.

Umit Savas Baran, Turkey
It is wonderful. Now schools are closed here for summer holiday. They will be open on 16 Sepember 2013 bu anyway I will begin to advertisement for ankara scouts

Umit Savas Baran, Turkey
I think it will be very important for 2015 anzaccelebraions oo for he moment he progams are not very clear bu a least a join in internet event may be done

Eleazar Sabandal, Philippines

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