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Service paws

27. Сен 2013

My super project is the union of an Animal Protection project and mental health accesibility promotion for people with low-income who needs companion in psicological treatments, supporting the protection rehab and street animals problem prevention.
The idea is focused to implement the assisted therapy with animals in population who hasn't acces to knowledge, which has benefits to both, people who implement and the animals who make their part of the job. For these kind of therapies are used breed dogs, generally Labrador and Golden Retriever, the idea is to use free mongrel dogs set for adoption with or without race. And in a future with more project stability, use street dogs. So these animals will have the oportunity to serce and help to make a person's life condition better, and vice versa.
Animal-assisted therapy in proffesional terms is established in very few institutions here in Colombia, to say nothing of the hard access people has to that. Given too, the problematic about the lack of social awareness about respect for animal life in Colombia, rises the possibility of making this project, unifying three in one, summarizing two huge social problems in Bogotá which integrated shows the relation between service for the life in all its forms.
The proposal comes from the botton of my heart where I know I need a lot of work, training and love for my career, service and animals. Conditions I make stronger day by day.
To get to the implementation of a so big project, it must start with mini-projects divided in the following steps: Training in the subject (Therefore animal training as if therapy), financing projects, call of people to integrate it, make contact with entities who may want to participate (Animal protection foundations, foundations to people with disabilities, a link with universities interested in the subjects) and make the project beggining as such! For each one of these steps to realize little moves, in an amateur and apassionated way:
#I'm finishing my psicology career where I dadicated my years of learning to investigate and study cognitive disabilities and animal-assisted therapy for these disabilities.
#I've generated networks to animal protection services in my city thus forming foundations contact lists, actively participating in these and maintaining my love for animals and service.
#I've researched about entities dedicated to psicological treatment and where animal-assisted therapies carry out in globally.
#During this last year I managed my personal resources to travel to Spain to learb more about this subject in conferences, seminaries, and with the same institutions that manage that kind of therapy, make a link with foundations which may make it real. I know this is a project that demans tons of emotional, atentional, economic resources and a lot of dedication. However, I'm prepared to get, probide and mantain these resources to take it forward. Thank to Scouts I developed one of the most wonderful gifts in the world, the service, and I consider that if we're more Creating a Better World, I want to put my two cents to be one more

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