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1. September 2013 - 19:42

As we are the scout group called "İZDOS" from İzmir - Turkey,
Our scouts have acted 12 projects by themselves during 12 days in August, 2013.
AUGUST 07th, 2013
"I helped for making tomato paste in my grandfather's farm" BEGÜM CAN
AUGUST 08th, 2013
"I helped my grandfather in the garden" DİCLE FEDEN TAŞ
AUGUST 09th, 2013
"I bought chocolate and I went to nursing home to kiss my grandparent's hands and celebrate the feast. They should not be forgotten" DİCLE FEDEN TAŞ
AUGUST 10th, 2013
"It is my duty to water the flowers this night. They do not live only with water, also need our attention" ÇİSEM KOYUK
AUGUST 11th, 2013
"I have brushed mu mother's shoes for favour to her" ÇİSEM KOYUK
AUGUST 12th, 2013
"Every night, it is my duty to feed the cats in our street. I wish to take all in my house one day." ÇİSEM KOYUK
AUGUST 13th, 2013
"Water is very important for our world. I explained that we use the water carefully by visiting all neighbours in our apartment block. The fact that, there are more people having fountains that leaks water" ÇİSEM KOYUK
AUGUST 14th, 2013
"I have put my left shoes and dresses in Kızılay Tank. I hope they meets the need of my another sister who needs" ÇİSEM KOYUK
AUGUST 15th, 2013
"Some people throw parts, such as batteries containing toxic substances, into the streets insensitively. I try to collect all of them that I notice. They should never meet to the soil, because they can mix our water." ÇİSEM KOYUK
"I do not forget the water of birds everyday.although I could not feed them regularly. we should feed and water birds living around us." ÇİSEM KOYUK
AUGUST 16th, 2013
"While playing in the street, Serhat who is the grocer, asked me to help him sweeping front of the grocery. Immediately I ran to help." ÇİSEM KOYUK
AUGUST 17th, 2013
"Today unfortunately I and my friend Bensu fought. I got off my bike and helped her. we also made the broken pedal repaired." ÇİSEM KOYUK
AUGUST 18th, 2013
"I have put the waste batteries, that I had been collecting for a long time, into the waste battery box." ÇİSEM KOYUK

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