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Proficiency Training Camp for the Scouts of YSA

3rd Jul 2013

The need for the "Proficiency Training Camp" is the new directive of Bhutan Scouts Association with the aim to make the scout proficient in the field of individual ability and interest at the later stage.
The concept aims to make the scout well aware about their own unique talent and ability. And to develop interest in the field which individual takes as a challenge. The members on completion of one field will be tested and awarded the Badge when qualified. Then the scout can apply for the next level of the test.
According to the Guidelines  there are 3 fields for Cubs ( First Aider, Environmentalist and Social Worker) , 5 for Scouts (Outdoor Activities, Sports, First Aider, Arts & crafts and Culture) and 3 for Rovers ( Service, Expedition and Life Skills).
The Yangchenphug Scouts with the moral support form BSA interpreted the guidelines of Proficiency with MoP concept.
The YSA came with result and prominent idea. The first step toward the promotion of MoP for Yangchenphug Scouts is:
1. To make Scouts well aware about individual ability.
2. To discover their new field of interest.
3. To make the reasons of individual concrete for joining scouting Movement.
4. To get trained with the Knowledge and practice of True Scout.
5. To promote MoP concept.
The fulfillment of the above steps is now the key guidelines for the Scouts of YSA to make MoP prominent and promote.
By the time the scout covers the mentioned field they become well trained to reach MoP to higher level. They become well stabilized to carry out the concept of MoP.
The camp was conducted from 26th to 30th May, 2013 without affecting the normal school hours. The camp aimed to make scouts:
1. Well aware about Scouting and Proficiency practice.
2. To learn the management of time with ongoing academics and practice of scouting.
3. To give the experience of Camp life.
4. To know about MoP.
The camp activity was held from morning 5 Am till 8 Am with effect of morning studies. Then from 8 Am to 4 pm the scout members attended the normal school hours. The evening activity resumed form 5 Pm till 10 Pm with evening studies. The meals were prepared by the volunteer Rovers supported by Scout Masters and Rover Leaders.
The formal introduction of MoP was done on 5th April during the commitment ceremony. Officially on 29th May, 2013 with the closing of Proficiency Training Camp the scouts of Yangchenphug was given the independent form to practice MoP concept by National Program Commissioner Pema Wangchuk, BSA.
The most unique feature of the Camp is that the Camp was organized without the strong sanction of budget from any source. The camp was organized based on the Kind Form with individual shares of resources like rice, vegetables and so on and with best management of the available resources.
The Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School is the first institute in Bhutan to start MoP practice and here after it will be introduced in rest of the scout sectors in the nation by BSA.
Rest of the Details and Photos will be updated on the Facebook group" Druk Yout Scouts" and Page “Fans of Scouts."
Happy  Scouting.
To all MoP.
Thank You.

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