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12. Abr 2013

 On thrueday, 13th of March, the Serekunda central District scouts organized a conference, with the theme: Scouting, Peace and Religion. The conference aimed at raising the awareness of young people, Students, parents, scout leaders about the important of scouting, peace and religion which is one of the fundamental principles of scouting, that is Duty to God.
 The conference started at 4:30pm and the welcoming remark was done by the district commissioner Yunusa jallow. He first of all thanked God for making the program successful and also thanked the Parents for their wonderful support and participation to the success of the conference. He acknowledged the arrival of the invited guest, the deputy chief scout commissioner Babucarr Khan, and the Chief scout Commissioner Pa omar Pojang. He also acknowledged the presence of the Regional Commissioner Kanifing Municipality Mr. Ebrima B.H. Suso , finally he thanked the community leaders patrol for their support to the success of the conference and all the scouts for their wonderful participation to the conference.
 The chair person of the Arabic schools scout link Mr. Ebrima Jarju makes a wonderful remark concerning the important of scouting peace and religion. In his speech, he confirmed that scouting is one of the most important youth movements in the Gambia and even the glob at large. He said as a scout, you promise to do your best, to do your duty, to God first, which is the most important thing in life, and also to your country, which is showing how patriotic scouts are to their country, and they also promise to help other people at all time, which is a big credit to whoever devoted his/ her time to prepare him/her self in order to help humanity, Peace, progress, and prosperity through scout method, and finally, to obey the scout law, which is the maintenance mechanism for human system from bad to good. He further added that thses project will be a continual project for the scouts in the Gambia as far as scouting is concern.
 The deputy Chief Scout commissioner also make a comment on the important of scouting, and how scouting can contribute to the development of our communities, society, the nation and the glob  He said scouting is a voluntary organization, none political, but an educational movement for young people, and is open to all without any forms of discrimination. In addition, scouting can contribute to the education of young people to become a better and responsible individual who play a constructive role in the society.
 He also acknowledges the effort of the community leaders’ patrol, for their wonderful effort in enhancing the messengers of peace initiative in the Nation. He also thanks the Serekunda Central District for their contribution to the promotion of the messengers of peace idea. He encourages all the scouts to make best use of the social media and continue to work with the Community leaders patrol to take the projects higher height.
 The Chief Guest of honor Ahmad Darboe also gave a remarkable speech on Religion and peace. He said religion is very important and is fundamental in the life of all human beings. He said that, all the creatures on earth were made by the Almighty, and none of those creatures go against God commandment except human beings and the Jinn, and human beings forgot to know that he is the most important creature on earth. He said the earth is not created for people to kill each other, discriminate each other neither to live as enemies on earth.
 He further elaborates on the important of peace and how violence becomes the enemy of peace. He said peace is not something that we see or touch but it is found in the heart and the mines of people. He said this should be a lesson to everybody that our brother, father, sisters, mothers are dying every day, and he take Mali, Libya, and other countries as an example. He said we should all be praying to God for all the violent in the world are resolve so that everybody can live peacefully and die peacefully.
 He concludes with given a good advice to young people for all of them to do their best to live this world better than we found it.
 The chief scout commissioner also throws some light to the important of scouting, Peace, and Religion. He said scouting is the best way of life for any young people because it prepared you to become useful individual who will be self reliance supportive and kind to everybody without any forms of discrimination. He is also someone who is tough how to live with all kind of people in the society without causing any trouble to each other.
 He also commend on the important of the religion and also the necessity of maintaining peace in one self and within the society.
 Finally, Scout leaders who did their introductory training cause on leadership received their certificate.
Location: Tadamun Arabic School.

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