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How we saved the village

21st Mar 2013

This was the camp of our troop in July. We were based near the village Melniky in Holodniy yar.One evening, when we were coming back from a trip to historical sights of the region, we saw a lot of smoke over the village, through which we was going. At first we thought it was just someone burning waste grass or straw. But still, feeling some uneasily, we ran in that direction. When we reached the other side of the village, we saw something dreadful: a big plot of land was completely burned, and the flame still continued to move toward the trees. No one could prevent the big fire, ‘cause there was only an old man and two small children who were running around helplessly around him. We could not leave it, so we took flasks of water, took off our shirts and ran to fight the fire. It was very hot, fire blazed furiously on all sides. We put out the fire with our shirts without a break. Finally, the last flame hissed and disappeared. We looked over this picture: half of the field at the side of the village was totally burned. Even a few trees were covered with coal, but fortunately, we arrived on time. We felt indescribable joy. The people, who lived in the village, were very thankful for our help. After the farewell we continued moving with the felling of great happiness. Along the way we felt thirsty, but all the flasks were empty, so we went to one of yards. It turned out that a granny that leaved there, had already knew who we were, even though she lived on the other end of the village. And then we was thanked again. Exhausted but happy we headed to our camp singing cheerful songs.When our camp scoutmaster knew about our adventure, he declared: "I was very surprised to know that during the competition between the patrols (they were racing with passing points at large distances) my patrol hadn`t only donated the contest time, but bravely looked into the eyes of danger, being not afraid to help the residents of the village. Good Works - the second duty of every scout, and such brave things can best show the sense and results of our methods of education and selfeducation!"Our Scout patrol is called "Ravens"Here are the names of the guys who helped the residents of the village:1. Taras Galayda2. Mychaylo Galayda3. Daniel Moiseyev4. Constantine Boskin5. Mykola Kostiuk6. Roman Kardash7. Paulo Cheberyak8. Markian Rusul9. Olexiy Skorohod

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