Bridging the Digital Divide and Green Map Project In the Remote Areas of Taiwan

        Digital divide is a human right issue of the new millennium. It is indeed hustle the problem of poverty in the world. According to statistics, of one dollar profit made in the international trade, 80 cents went to the high-income countries, 17 cents went to the middle-income countries, and only 3 cents went to the low-income countries, and the scenario also exists among the counties of Taiwan. One of the major causes to gap the high-income from the low-income, is the prevailing digital advantage. In other words, an efficient mean to eradicate poverty, is to minimize the digital divide.
        When one thinks of Taiwan, one would usually think of the mass production of note book computer. However in many remote counties, the accessibility of computer is not as handy as in the cities. Even government had invested a lot of money to buy the computers for the remote schools, does not mean the digital divide is resolved. One tiny problem of the hardware or a little flaw of the system will left them like wreck because it is too expensive to call the downtown company for a repair and the lack of the knowledge to fix the flaws by themselves, even it is tiny.
        To prevent the children in the remote areas from lagging behind the digital advantage, we recruited several rover crews and organized a volunteer system, sending helping teams to these schools and communities in regular basis. Our jobs including
(1) Holding computer learning camp to remedy the computer class, teaching kids internet and basic software,
(2) Maintenance of computers and fixing the problem of system.
(3) Using the minimal resource from the government to make the most use by integrating the local available digital facility.
(4) Helping the setup of world-wide-web featuring the local abundance. The website has three functions: (i) to improve the teaching quality of computer class, (ii) to promote the eco-touring industry, (iii) to help the internet trading business of local organic products, (iv) to provoke the self-consciousness for preserving the local culture and environment. For the last purpose, we will bring in the project of “Internet Green Map”.
The whole project began a year ago, started by only a few rover crews, which gained significant results, and now it has extended to ten or rover more crews from different universities and colleges to join. 

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