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How to create an idea?

6. Maret 2013 - 0:21

Original author: Luis Fernando Flores Medina, Costa Rica

Would you like to invent something? How about a story, a book or an artifact useful? How about a thought? About an idea? How about a project that could change the world and motivate more people. Follow the tips in this tutorial to help you create an idea.

The inspiration
Get paper, pen, pencil and crayons. If you are visual learners, so it'll be fine with you. Otherwise, with a paper and a pencil will suffice. Go to a quiet room. Maybe your bedroom is the most appropriate place. Get to daydream. This is the simplest way to create something. Do a brainstorm. Draw pictures of what you are imagining and creating. Let your imagination fly. Use clay and/or small objects to help you imagine your idea. Imagine how your idea could be a great project. If the idea you want to create is literary type, such as create a story, the process is similar. Make drawings, writings and modeled in clay your ideas. Looking for ideas for a project? remember that there is nothing better than your imagination and that combined with your desire to serve, ideas will come to you quickly.

The planning
Now you have an idea! Look in your community, propose this. think there's something that could help? remember there are no small service or small ideas, anything in which we help our neighbor or the environment in which we live we are building a better world. Plan your project and put it into action.

The Accion
Now that you have an idea and you've investigated in your community! You get to put into action you project that grew out of an idea. Welcome to Messengers of Peace! And remember that an idea can generate many more!

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