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Your Messenger of peace project

7th Oct 2012

Original author: collie, Ireland

This course will bring you through the steps required to undertake a successful project as part of your commitment to Messengers of Peace.

Undertake a community survey
The first step to undertaking a project is to do a survey of your community to discover how you can help and be of servcie to people.

Read the PDF document - it will explain how to do this

Understanding and empathy
The next step in the project creation process is to try to understand so of the complex situations and issues you have discovered when completing your community survey.

Read and explore the PDF document - it will present a series of games that can be played at Patrol and section meetings. Each game will explore a particular issue and after you play te game you should discuss how you felt and how you participated in the game.

By playing the games you can place yourself in various situations and discover what it is like to be presented with situations you are not familiar about. These games are design to expand your understanding and how you relate and empathise with people.

Where do Ideas come from
This video explores how we think and generate ideas.

Watch the video, it will inspire you to think about the many possile actions you could take to help your community.

Project management - from idea to completion
Now you have an idea of what action you can do in your community, how do you make it happen. The PDF document explains how to take your idea from start to finish - the completion of your project. This document also presents 100 project ideas just in case you have not thought of one yet.

Reviewing your actions in the creation of your project
Through out the project creation process you will are using a simple Plan - Do - Review Model. The PDF document presents the process of reviewing and a series of agnes you can use to explore the review process and make it a lot of fun. The review process is most important as it allows you to explore what you have achieved but most importantly what you ahve learnt by undertaking a Messenger of Peace Project - its impact on the community, your Patrol and you.

Umit Savas Baran, Turkey
how those troops make these projects post their work on mep and this website and became messengers of peace

Muhammad Faries Faizal Bin Shamsul, Malaysia
yup i also want to knw how the sop to send the project to this website??

Aditya Madan, India
The Step 4 document does not have the Ideas. In the description it is written that there are 100 ideas inside this doc.

Collie, Ireland
The 100 ideas of possible actions are contained in the community survey handbook.....on step one. The step 4 handbook assumes you have already decided to do a project so therefore it presents this handbook on that basis - how to take your idea and bring it to project stage and completion of your project.

Aditya Madan, India
Thanks a lot! I'll start with something very soon.

DOUMATEY Rigobert, Benin
Je me suis inscris mais je n'ai pas eu de numéro. Est-ce que cela veux dire que je n'ai pas terminé l'inscription?

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