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Publication date: 3rd May 2022

On April 2, 9 and 10, 2022, 47 participants from 18 countries of the Interamerican Scout Region participated in the Training for Youth Spokespersons organized by the World Scout Bureau - Interamerica Support Centre. This training aimed to give skills young people aged 18 to 29, from all National Scout Organizations, with external representation and advocacy skills for the role of youth spokespersons in their countries.

The training proposal, which was carried out in virtual mode, starts by recognizing the skills that young people already have so that they serve as a basis to enhance those skills that still need improvement. Therefore, a competency-based model was used as part of the training.

The training began on Saturday, April 2, with words of welcome from Lyda Pavón, vice president of the Interamerican Scout Committee. This day the plenary sessions were held for all the participants. The topics included: general aspects of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, bases of the external representation of the Scout Movement, a panel of experiences of youth representatives worldwide, image and scout brand, etc.

After participating in these general sessions, the participants carried out a self-assessment of their skills in relation to the profile of youth spokespersons proposed for the training. Upon obtaining the results of their self-assessment, the participants signed up to attend the sessions that addressed those competencies that needed improvement.

For April 9 and 10, the coordination team prepared an offer of more than 10 sessions, in English and Spanish, which would allow developing the essential skills for the spokesperson profile. Among them: debate, information gathering and writing, negotiation and persuasion techniques, interview preparation, digital advocacy, networking, intergenerational dialogue and others. Accompanying the delivery of these sessions were volunteer scout members, WOSM consultants, members of the professional team of the World Scout Bureau, with extensive experience in the field, who with great commitment prepared the content of the sessions under the premise of having interactive sessions. and practices.

“It was a totally different workshop, with a lot of dynamism and good energy on the part of the organizers and facilitators, it made me realize that even in the areas that I normally handle there is still much more to learn and they taught me several techniques that will help me being able to function better in an interview, video, among others. The workshops were not the typical talks that are usually boring and tired that tend to become monologues and that require public participation, these workshops were more about learning by doing than in my point of view, that is how you learn better.”

“The 2022 Youth Spokesperson Training was truly a great experience. Personally, I loved the assessment tool that allowed us to assess our current competencies. With the results report, we had the opportunity to customize the sessions to better suit our development needs. I think every presenter and guest speaker was well prepared as they delivered very impressive presentations. As for the activities, they were very interactive and “discussion based”. I was definitely out of my comfort zone, however the atmosphere and safe space created by the participants and moderators encouraged me to feel confident to speak up and participate in the discussions and hands-on activities.”

These young people who completed the process of learning by competencies during the Training of Youth Spokespersons, have the important challenge of contributing to position the Scout Movement as the leading non-formal youth education organization in their countries.

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