A Scout promise, an increasingly Violet world... due to a girl that accepted her Scout promise

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Publication date: 12th Apr 2022

Purple is the color that unites all the scouts around the world, it is the visual decoding that accompanies our fleur-de-lis and that shakes hands with millions of realities in hundreds of countries. Since we are children we identify ourselves with the symbols and our values, but this time we know that there is much more behind that color or that badge, this time there is also a name.

One sunny Saturday in a small spot in the sierras of Rio Ceballos in the province of Cordoba, in the center of Argentina, there is a group of boys and girls who from that place in the world will promise to live the scout life forever. Violet, one of the young girls of the DiniZulu Scout Unit of the Arkani Scout group, happens to be named after the most representative color for all Scouts.  She is one of those girls who in a few minutes will take the pledge, the night before she lived her exclusive Fire of the Law and analyzed with her classmates all the challenges she will have ahead trying to live the Scout Law every day. Saturday 4:30 p.m. is approaching and after going over every article and every verse of the promise a hundred times, the moment arrives and the nerves appear, clouding everything he had planned to say, and he finally ran out of words.

This 12 year old girl named Violet who just kept quiet in the most important ceremony as a scout could not go to the last group camp, which took place more than two months ago, it was expected because some time ago and almost without understanding how it happened the whole family had to learn all at once about pain and diseases. Violeta's younger brother was diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia, and so her life full of games, hours of education, camping and fun, was transformed into hospital shifts, fundraising events and everything that comes with a family member's illness that disrupts all previous realities. Together with her parents, friends, scouts and all those who wanted to help, life was reorganized and Violeta put her stamp of "action" and of saying and doing. Despite this overwhelming new world, she achieved the best grades in her studies, was recognized with the merit flag and, as the law proposes, without asking for anything in return.

The end is not yet in sight, after several medical tests it turned out that Violeta was the only fully compatible person who could donate some bone marrow to her brother so that he could heal and save his life; that is to say, to be able to transform the life of a loved one and the whole family, putting herself at risk. Fear could not paralyze the illusion of carrying out the most beautiful and stripped gesture of love for another human being. All the treatment went as expected and today the family accompanies Violeta in her promise with the pleasure and satisfaction of having passed together the biggest hurdle that life has presented them so far.

In that instant of Saturday afternoon when she passed to the front, Violet raised her right hand making the scout salute and the words still did not appear, those present began to go over in our minds one by one the stanzas of the promise.... "On my honor I promise to do my best to fulfill my duties to God, to my country, to others and to myself, to help my neighbor and to live the Scout Law".

And it was at that moment when we all realized without uttering a word that the commitment to her family, the challenge of assuming responsibilities despite the difficulties, the love for her brother and her neighbor and the teaching that everything is possible, showed us that Violeta had already made her promise long before the ceremony? It doesn't matter if nerves prevented the words from becoming sound, everything she experienced and the mark she left on each one of us and those around her makes us want the world to be a little more scout, to be a little more Violeta every day.


Written by Arkani Scout  Group, Argentina: https://www.instagram.com/arkaniscout/

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