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Education and World Scout Movement: Experiences and Challenges
(Last Update 22th February 2012). As a key outcome of the Centenary activities, WOSM launched a global project to build a "knowledge base" for people who engaged in a process of collective learning about Scouting. The first step of this project was the World Scientific Congress. The proceeding is the result of researchers, academics, UN and NGO representatives and of course Scout Leaders' contributions.

This "community" shares a passion of education and or scouting and expects to learn how to do it better. We want to share extensively the results of this congress as a first step to improve our collective knowledge and practices. The Scout Movement will, with no doubt, greatly benefit from providing better Scouting for more young people.

You can find here some of the output of the World Scientific Congress. More files will be available soon.


Charles Beer Opening Speech P1S1.pdf
Bernd Ebersold Opening Speech P1S2.pdf
Eduardo Missoni Opening Speech P1S3.pdf
Sir John Daniel Introducing Conference
Scouting: Creator par excellence of
Human and Social Capital P1S4.pdf



Prof. Andrea Biondi Scouting and Personal Development P2C2S02.pdf
Cesare Scurati A Century of Scouting: Values and Meanings P2C2S03.pdf

1. Moral and Spiritual Development
Jonathan How Philosophical insights into Spiritual and Moral Development P2C2S05.pdf
Hamid Demmou Scouting and Spirituality: Education to a culture of Peace P2C2S06.pdf
Melissa Martins-Casagrande The Scout Law P2C2S07.pdf
Mother Madeleine Bourcereau Scouting and Spirituality P2C2S08.pdf

2. Self fulfilment
Bertrand Graz
Fabienne Plancherel “Bientraitance”: Extracurricular group activities can be done of the best stimulants of self-fulfilment P2C2S11.pdf
Etienne Pere Scouting: a school for happiness? P2C2S12.pdf
Liam Morland Membership retention in Scout Troops P2C2S13.pdf
Peter Blatch Guidelines on Scouting for People with Disabilities P2C2S14.pdf

3. Skills and knowledge
Evelina Maclang-Vicencio Life Skills in the Badge System of The Boy Scouts of the Philippines: A Conceptual Analysis P2C2S19.pdf

4. Gender issues
Christian Schiess Gender differences, complementarity and equality. Thoughts on Scouting from a sociological perspective P2C2S21.pdf
Jacqueline Collier-Jespersen One of the boys ? Doing gender in Scouting P2C2S22.pdf

5. Employability
Elio Borgonovi How Higher Education at Universities can Benefit from Informal Education P2C2S26.pdf
Stanley Magala, Rao Satapati Creating Employment Opportunities for AIDS Orphans, an experience of Uganda Scouts and a Swiss NGO P2C2S27.pdf

6. Health education
A. Abdelmageed Addelrahman Scouting and Health Education P2C2S30.pdf
Aylin Taftali Youth initiative on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights P2C2S32.pdf

Fernando Reimers Developing Global Citizenship: Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities for the World Scout Movement P2C3S02.pdf
Olivier Servais The Social Contribution of Scouting - The state of research in French-speaking Belgium P2C3S03.pdf

7. Youth participation…
Eduard Vallory Local rooting, national identity, and global belonging in World Scouting P2C3S06.pdf
John Lawlor Youth Involvement in the World Organization of the Scout Movement P2C3S08.pdf

8. A culture of peace...
David Adams The role of Scouting and the coming generation in the historic transformation from the culture of war to a culture of peace P2C3S12.pdf
Dominic Simard Scouting and the concept of peace P2C3S14.pdf
Jean-Pascal Diame Education for Peace and Interfaith Dialogue Experiences P2C3S15.pdf
Paola Cervo A Youth Contribution to the Fight against Ethnic Prejudice in the Great Lakes Region of Africa P2C3S16.pdf

9. Education for sustainable development
Francine Pellaud Educating for Sustainable Development: are schools capable of doing so? P2C3S18.pdf
Marco Archetti Scouting and environmental education A Cautionary tale from Italy P2C3S19.pdf
Paul Whitfield Experiential Education in Canadian Scouting Programmes and Events P2C3S20.pdf
Gabriella Lay Championning Human Rights P2C3S21.pdf

10. Education, world citizenship...
James Ito Adler A World View from Anthropology P2C3S23.pdf
Roland Daval Education for All: Including the Excluded P2C3S25.pdf

11. Leadership
Jouni Linkola The Rover program renewal in Finland P2C3S28.pdf

12. Intercultural education
Alojz Vlčko Scouting with the roma community… P2C3S31.pdf


Christian Guerin History, Archives, Scouting… P3S2.pdf
Mario Sica The Story of Scouting in Italy P3S3.pdf
Paul Moynihan How to build a National or International History of Scouting from Archives P3S4.pdf
Jean-Claude Maillard Archives from Scoutisme Genevois P3S5.pdf


WSC Report Agenda for Change P4S2.pdf
Federico Mayor Closing remarks P5S2.pdf
Ana Elisa Piubello Closing remarks P5S3.pdf
Biorn Maybury-Lewis Conclusions WS2.pdf
WSC Report Declaration of the Congress P5S4.pdf


WSC World Scout Conference Resolution WS1.pdf

Files attached
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Diversity and Inclusion
Youth Programme
Communications and Scouting Profile
Spiritual Development
Adults in Scouting
Good Governance
Global Support Assessment Tool
Youth Engagement


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